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We Now Supply And Even Install Bollards In Melbourne, Sydney & Other Australian Cities

Posted by Safety Xpress on

Bollards are very much in the news at the moment. With the Victorian Government announcing more safety bollards for the Melbourne CBD area – many businesses will follow suit.

After all, safety bollards can improve safety and bring down the risk of ram raids. In our previous blogs, we have described many features and benefits of our bollards. Our team at Safety Xpress has been supplying distinct bollard varieties to businesses all over Australia for 4 years.

But we always get one common question – How to install bollards safely?

We always try to help make your job easier by answering your common questions, like which bollard should choose? We even created detailed instruction manuals (like this) and blogs on our website to help you install your bollards easily once you receive a delivery from us.

However, for some people, it can be tedious to do it themselves and we totally understand that. That’s why we have partnered with Durasafe for all your bollard installation needs.

So, now you can get best-quality bollards as well as a professional installation service at your doorstep.

Get Flexibility and Convenience with Our End to End Bollard Solutions

With a wide range of bollards to offer, we can surely look after your individual requirements.

You can select 'Supply only' or the 'Supply and Install' option for your bollards. It all depends on your choice. In the case when you select the former where you opt for DIY installation- we supply all the fixings for you that will help you get the job done quickly and easily.

In the latter case where you don't want to take the hassle of installation and need a professional to do this job, we can readily do it for you. Our professional partners at Durasafe are equipped with the required experience, expertise and resources to carry out bollard installations accurately.

Why Should You Go with Our Recommended Installation Partner?

We strongly recommend Durasafe to assist you in the bollard installation process and we have good reasons for that, Take a look:

#1 No last-minute trips to Bunnings

Durasafe will come fully prepared with all the resources required for the installation - ladders, drills, drill bits, extension leads, blowers, etc. You don't have to have the hassle of arranging the tools last minute.

#2 Save your time and get the perfect installation job done

Our recommended installers have the extensive knowledge about installing bollards quickly and accurately. Be it a single type or a combination of bollards, they can get straight to work without having to read a combination of installation guides.

#3 No one gets disturbed

Our recommended installers also have all the equipment and knowledge to ensure that pedestrian and vehicle traffic is not disturbed. If necessary, they will block off areas to pedestrian and vehicle traffic to enable the installations to take place. They will arrive with the necessary safety equipment like barriers to maintain safety requirements during the installation process.

#4 Safety First

Safety PPE is required for installations and our installation team has everything that is needed for a range of installations to ensure personal safety.

#5 Accurate installation for even uneven surfaces

They can even assist you with the installation work when the environment is not ideal. For instance, uneven surfaces, irregular heights and specific angles require expertise to carry out bollard installation work perfectly. With Durasafe, you can be sure of an accurate installation, regardless of where you want to install the bollards.

#6 Insured for public liability

They are fully insured for public liability of $20,000,000. So, any unfortunate or unlikely events are covered.

#7 Workmanship Guarantee

The workmanship is of top-quality and should there be any issues with the installation, rectification is always carried out.

So, be it surface mount, in-ground, removable, flexible or parking protection bollards - we have you covered with both supply and installation.

Get Bulk Discounts for Our High-Quality Bollards

With variants and distinct styles, all you need is to do is choose the bollard that suits your environment and purpose. We have a huge  range of bollards at Safety Xpress and all our bollards are high-quality products with an excellent finish. If you are planning to order them in bulk, it's all the more beneficial as we have special bulk discounts available.

We can ship Australia-wide or you can even pick up the bollards along with the DIY essentials from our Melbourne or Gold Coast warehouse.

Our aim is to provide you with an end-to-end solution for bollards and other safety products. That’s why we recommend Durasafe if you need help installing the bollards.

If you have any query regarding hiring our professional installation service, feel free to call us on 1300 049 246. 

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