Take the right measures to ensure the safety of your building and access to specific areas with security & safety bollards. They’re an essential product that play an important role in helping you achieve restricted access; and Safety Xpress will provide you with the right bollards to perform that role in a highly effective manner. We also stock a great range of removable bollards that are great for security and parking issues. Parking Bollards stop anyone taking your park without permission. We deliver all our bollards to Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Gold Coast (QLD) and all other major cities in Australia.

Security & Safety bollards are basically short sturdy vertical posts which protect your property from the impact of vehicles, by acting as a strong barrier. Safety Xpress manufactures strong, durable and extremely visible safety bollards which have a capacity to resist and absorb a high level of impact. This ensures that the bollards installed on your property which have been manufactured by Safety Xpress, provide a maximum level of safety and security to you.

Safety bollards can be installed in entrances to public places such as parks, hospitals, libraries, shopping centres, etc., to provide added safety for pedestrians. Safety Xpress can provide you with removable bollards so in the case of an emergency, bollards may be removed and vehicles can enter. Pedestrians and cyclists can enjoy a safe environment without vehicles or traffic when they pass through an area protected by bollards. 

Bollards provided by Safety Xpress can also be used in Disabled Shared Zones to restrict access of vehicles. They can also be used to highlight an area for the safe parking of vehicles and create a limit to where vehicles may proceed. They help in creating a boundary for pedestrians by protecting the footpath from vehicle access and the damage or injury this could cause. In doing so, bollards will increase the safety of your carpark; helping to control the traffic and keep your carpark well organised. 

There are different kinds of bollards available which include:

  • Permanent or embedded: bollards which are heavy duty and provide an enhanced level of safety and protection, and
  • Removable or retractable: bollards which may be temporarily removed and then reinstated where required. 

We can manufacture custom type and size bollards, according to design specifications provided by you. Our bollards not only work effectively, they also look stylish and professional. 

Safety bollards are a cost effective solution for enhancing the safety of your property and also making sure vehicles, pedestrians and your property are well protected against damage. It’s very important to place your order with a reliable supplier of safety products so you know they will function well. Safety Xpress is reliable and a trusted provider of safety products, so you can have confidence in us to deliver to you, a high performing safety bollard which will last for many years to come. 

So take a look through our range, make your selection and place your order today with us at Safety Xpress.

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