Bollards Melbourne

Welcome to Safety Xpress, we are an online store supplying and delivering an extensive range of safety equipment Australia wide.  

Our main office is situated in Melbourne, and one of our most highly sought-after items is our wide variety of Bollards. We have bollards to suit many different purposes and applications. Explore the range below:

Safety Bollards (Surface Mount Bollards)

Short, sturdy, vertical posts designed to help protect your property and assets from vehicle impact. Available in a variety of options to suit your individual application.

Parking Bollards

Parking bollards will prevent anybody taking your car parking space without permission.

Stainless Steel Bollards

Ideal for those in search of a bollard that offers both durable protection and enhances the aesthetic design of any building or landscape. They are also resistant to rust and corrosion.

Bollards Melbourne

Removable Bollards

Available to suit a range of different applications. Removable bollards easily lock into a sleeve when protection is required, then when access is needed, easily unlock, and remove the bollard.

Flexible Bollards

Used for traffic delineation, creating a guide whilst also reducing the risk of damage occurring to vehicles.

Bollard Covers

Used to protect new bollards from damage or revitalize old bollards. They can also be used to add height to existing shorter bollards.


For more information or to see our full range of bollards available here in Melbourne & Geelong, please visit our bollards page for more. 


Wheel Stops Melbourne

Wheel stops are designed and are extremely effective in protecting your walls and curbs from being damaged by vehicles or other machinery. They will also protect the vehicle as well by not letting it drive over the stop easily. You will mainly see our wheel stops throughout shopping centres in Melbourne.

We have rubber and poly wheel stops available online that ship Australia wide from our Melbourne warehouse. Our Rubber Wheel Stops are manufactured from hard wearing durable rubber and have a unique reinforced design strengthening the wheel stop to reduce wear and tear. We also stock blue disabled wheel stops for disabled parking. Have a look at our large range of wheel stops from our online store.