Tips and Advice

Which Bollard Should I Choose?

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Above Ground or Surface Mount Bollards

The ideal bollard to install on existing surfaces or in instances where concrete can’t be core drilled. Available in a range of sizes from 90mm to 168mm and a variety of finishes including powder coating over hot dip galvanised steel, stainless steel with or without led lighting and we can even do custom designs with your own logo! Able to be easily installed with our downloadable installation guide. We supply all the fixings required to get the job done quickly and easily.

  • Huge range
  • Easily installed

Below Ground Bollards

Asset protection is made easy with one of our varieties of in-ground bollards. Designed and built for strength, these bollards can be core drilled or installed when new concrete is being poured. A portion of the bollard is anchored below ground within concrete to add strength and minimise movement in the event of collisions. Available in a range of finishes including galvanised steel, powder coated, stainless steel and can even be custom designed with your business logo. We recommend that professionals install these for you in existing concrete surfaces, or we can provide installation guides for installing in unmade/gravel surfaces.

  • Built for strength
  • Different heights available

Removable Bollards – Surface Mount and Below Ground

Bollards restrict the entrance to areas, but at times it’s necessary to be able to get access also. That’s where removable bollards do double duty! Put them in place to do their job and then remove them easily to gain access to the area as required. Available in both surface mount and below ground designs with options for key lock or sleeve locks. We even have one available to secure roller doors.

When you remove your bollards, we have a range of storage sleeves and hangers to protect your bollards and keep them upright and out of the way.

  • Flexible options for access
  • Storage options available

Bollards for Parking Protection

There is nothing more annoying than having someone pinch your parking spot! We offer a range of good looking Parking Protection Bollards which are available in different heights and finishes. Our Remote Control Parking Bollard allows you to protect your space without leaving the comfort of your car. All of our Parking Bollards are easily installed without an electrician or expert. We include all the fixings that you require to install the bollards.

  • Locks in place to protect your parking spot
  • Folds down when not in use

Flexible Bollards

Made from high strength polyethylene plastic and PVC, this range of bollards are light weight and flexible yet offer strength and impact resistance. Ideal for use where vehicles are at risk of hitting assets to provide a buffer between them. With a variety of makes and models for a range of applications these high-vis bollards also come with reflective tape for maximum visibility.

  • Flexible bollards to resist damage from impacts
  • Easy to install or stand alone

Which Wheel Stop Should I Choose?

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Rubber Wheel Stops

The most common Wheel Stops seen throughout car parks and parking areas, these have yellow reflective strips to assist with night-time visibility and help drivers to rest the wheels of their vehicle against them and not drive over them. Our rubber Wheel Stops are called the “Ultimate” because they are exclusive to us and manufactured from strong recycled rubber. You won’t see any crumbling rubber here! They are robust, durable and made tough enough to withstand the harsh Australian conditions. They will not rot, crack or rust and are covered by our 2 year manufacturer’s warranty.

  • Available with or without fixings for concrete or asphalt surfaces
  • Also available in blue for disabled parking spaces


If it is a lightweight Wheel Stop that you are looking for to make storage, transportation and installation a breeze, then look no further! Our polyethylene Wheel Stop ticks all the boxes. Weighing just 4.1kg each they are so easy to work with. They are UV stabilised and will not fade. Unlike concrete Wheel Stops, our poly wheel stops will not crack over time. One of the most durable wheel stops on the market to suit all applications. An impressive Wheel Stop to create a streamlined finish to any car park.

  • Available in Yellow, Grey or Disabled Blue
  • 5 Year Structural Warranty

Various Lengths

Sometimes a standard Wheel Stop just isn’t going to do the job. You might be limited by the space you have or the type of vehicle utilising the space. We have a range of Wheel Stops that might suit your particular application. For smaller spaces or to contain just one wheel of a vehicle, a 500mm or 900mm Wheel Stop might do the trick. Reflective panels and fixings are included. Our 1000mm Minni Wheel Stops are useful in home garages to help identify where reversing drivers should stop and can also be used as line delineators. Very versatile Wheel Stops indeed! The 1250mm Truck Wheel Stop is purpose built for trucks and recreational vehicles. Its heavy duty design allows two to be placed side by side to create a formidable heavy duty vehicle barrier.

  • Shorter than standard sized Wheel Stops
  • So versatile and the range of uses is unlimited

Which Speed Hump Should I Choose?

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Heavy Duty Speed Humps

If you have the need for speed humps to withstand heavy traffic flow and take on serious weights, then you will require heavy duty speed humps. There are different materials and sizes to suit a variety of applications and surfaces. Our metal speed humps are longer in length and are suitable for slowing traffic in large areas. Weight rated to 50 tonne they will do the job under extreme pressure. We also offer a 50 Tonne Speed Hump made from Nylon Plastic offering strength without excessive weight. Our ‘Ultimate” 100 tonne speed hump is designed with our exclusive, unique ‘honeycomb’ configuration base for extra strength. The weight load capacity is a huge 100 tonnes at a speed of 30km/h or less. We include all fixings for your speed humps when you purchase with us.

  • Complies with Australian Standard 2890.1:2004
  • Installation guides free to download from our website

Rubber Speed Humps

Made from rubber and built to withstand the harsh Australian conditions, our Compliant Rubber Speed Humps are most commonly used in shopping centres, multi and ground level carparks and private roads. They are easily installed and we supply all fixings for your requirements. No need to specify how many yellow and black sections you need, just work out the length and we’ll send you the right amount of alternating colours for your job. All fixings are supplied and they comply with Australian Standard 2890.1:2004. We will even tell you how to install them with our free installation guides. We also have a range of Speed Cushions available in different sizes which slow traffic and are designed to minimise driver discomfort. Their wider base enables a softer landing for the vehicle whilst still slowing the flow of traffic.

  • Slows traffic safely and easily
  • Easy to install

Temporary Speed Humps

Sometimes traffic needs to be slowed or diverted temporarily or there are obstacles that are creating a hazard that need to be overcome. You may need a temporary solution without the expense or inconvenience of having to commit to a permanent solution. We have a range of solutions for a variety of issues. Our Portable Roll Out Speed Hump is the perfect solution in situations where traffic needs to be slowed instantly. It is lightweight, compact and can be re-used, making it a worthwhile investment to add to your toolbox of safety equipment. For instances where you have cables or leads to organise and contain safely, we offer the Cable Protector. Available in two sizes, these can be used both indoors and outdoors, clip easily together and create a surface that trolleys can easily wheel over.

  • A range of non-permanent solutions
  • Effective traffic slowing tools

Traffic Slowing Signage

When Speed Humps are installed along roads and in carparks, it is important to give road users fair warning that their speed is about to be curtailed with the use of the speed humps. We have signage that you can choose from to ensure this is conveyed clearly and accurately. Whether it is a speed limit sign or a speed hump warning sign, we offer everything you need, including the poles and fixings, to ensure the safety of road users.

  • Give fair warning to road users
  • We have everything you need to install signs easily

Which Tactile Should I Choose?

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Peel and Stick

Using these high grade UV stabilised polyurethane tiles is the most convenient way of applying tactiles. As their name suggests, peel the backing from the 300mm x 300mm tile and the aggressive resin adhesive is ready to stick to the surface. Installation is a breeze! These tiles are the solution for floors where the surface is smooth and clean. It is recommended that you apply a surface primer when installing peel and stick tactiles to timber, asphalt, trowled concrete and other porous surfaces. These tactiles are available in a variety of colours in hazard tiles (dots) and in directional tiles (bars).

  • Suitable for indoors and outdoors
  • Manufactured to AS/NZS 1428.4.1:2009

Single Studs

Single stud tactiles come in a variety of materials and finishes so that you can choose the right one for your particular job. Whether it be Polyurethane, Stainless Steel, Carborundum Filled or Polyurethane filled, there is one to suit your surface. Single stud tactiles are ideal for use in smaller or angled areas, or where the surface is undulating presenting a curve that has to be accounted for. These tactiles have a shaft and are installed using a drill bit, using the pressure fit system to keep them in place. No glue required! A template is also available to make the job even easier by guiding you to keep the tactiles evenly spaced at the regulation distance apart, and in clearly defined lines. If you want something slightly easier, use the bladed shaft tactile. These are joined studs in neat rows of 12. They are installed with a concrete saw by cutting a groove in the surface and sliding the tactile blade base in for a tight fit. Whatever your individual requirement, there is a single stud tactile to suit.

  • Suitable for commercial applications
  • Easy to replace single tactiles

Tactile Plates

Super strong products ready to withstand even the heaviest of traffic areas. Whether you want the upmarket look of silver plates made from 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel or the Reinforced Fibreglass available in a variety of colours, this range of tactiles are extremely hard wearing and UV stabilised. Supplied with plugs and screws, installation is quick and simple. The fibreglass tactiles are available in two sizes 300mm x 300mm and 300mm x 600mm and it is recommended that an adhesive such as “Sikaflex” or a polyurethane based joint sealant for use on cement, brick, epoxy, polyester, metal and timber surfaces is also used during installation. Available in hazard tiles (dots) and directional tiles (bars) and designed with a high slip rating, these are perfect for both indoor and outdoor applications. The Stainless Steel range certainly adds an architectural look to your job and an upmarket finish. Chosen for their longevity and good looks, they match in well with bollards and stainless steel handrails which may be in the vicinity.

  • Quick and easy installation
  • Suitable for new builds and existing sites

Which Stair Nosing Should I Choose?

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Fibreglass Reinforced Plastic

If it’s industrial strength, hard wearing, all weather stair nosing you want, then this is it. Suitable for high traffic areas and access stairs in marine, mining and factory environments. Deals well with grit, grime and oil and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments. These can be cut to the lengths you require and then easily installed using a strong adhesive. We suggest using “Sikaflex” commonly available from hardware stores. It is a polyurethane based joint sealant for use on most cement, brick, epoxy, polyester, metal and timber surfaces. Please see the manufacturer's website for more information regarding the use of this product for your particular needs.

  • Available in safety Yellow for all weather visibility
  • Offers non-slip and exceptional grip for the toughest of environments

Aluminium With Rubber Inserts

Available with both a 10mm and 30mm Bullnose face and manufactured from high quality anodised aluminium, this stair nosing has an anti-slip surface provided by a rubber insert. The insert is available in Black, Yellow and Grey and the aluminium can be anodised black if you prefer. Ideal for low to medium traffic areas, this stair nosing is cut to length, can pre pre-drilled or glued into place onto a variety of substrates including timber, concrete, bitumen, tiles and vinyl rubber. Completes the look to any set of stairs with a streamlined finish.

  • Can be drilled or glued to the surface
  • Choose your colour of insert and aluminium

Aluminium With Carborundum Inserts

Carborundum is known for its ability to provide a non-slip surface in all weather conditions due to its strong grit. This stair nosing is the whole package, ideal for high traffic areas and yet giving a streamlined look. The carborundum insert is available in ‘super anti-slip-10mm’ or ‘tough anti- slip-3mm thick’. This stair nosing is a popular choice for new buildings of all descriptions including, restaurants/eateries, shopping centres and sports facilities.

  • Available in 10mm and 30mm Bullnose
  • Australian Compliant and manufactured to AS/NZS 1428.1

Corrugated Aluminium

A streamlined corrugated aluminium finish can be achieved with the Securatread stair nosing. The fine corrugation of the aluminium provides an anti-slip surface whilst giving a refined look to the edge of the stairs. Available with a 10mm bullnose or in a 50mm wide piece without bullnose and in both black and natural aluminium. Ideal for medium to high traffic areas. Cut to size, these stair nosings glue down easily onto a variety of surfaces. Applicable for indoor and outdoor environments. Achieve a refined look and finish to your set of stairs with these stair nosings.

  • Easily installed
  • Order and cut to your required lengths