Which Bollard Should I Choose?

The range of bollards available is extensive and confusing. It also doesn’t stop growing as manufacturers devise new technology to offer consumers a bigger range of products to protect their valuable assets. Deciding which bollard is right for your needs can be tricky. We’ve created this simple guide to help.

Above Ground or Surface Mount Bollards

The ideal bollard to install on existing surfaces or in instances where concrete can’t be core drilled. Available in a range of sizes from 90mm to 168mm and a variety of finishes including powder coating over hot dip galvanised steel, stainless steel with or without led lighting and we can even do custom designs with your own logo! Able to be easily installed with our downloadable installation guide. We supply all the fixings required to get the job done quickly and easily.

tick Huge range

tick Easily installed

Below Ground Bollards

Asset protection is made easy with one of our varieties of in-ground bollards. Designed and built for strength, these bollards can be core drilled or installed when new concrete is being poured. A portion of the bollard is anchored below ground within concrete to add strength and minimise movement in the event of collisions. Available in a range of finishes including galvanised steel, powder coated, stainless steel and can even be custom designed with your business logo. We recommend that professionals install these for you in existing concrete surfaces, or we can provide installation guides for installing in unmade/gravel surfaces.

tick Built for strength

tick Different heights available

Removable Bollards – Surface Mount and Below Ground

Bollards restrict the entrance to areas, but at times it’s necessary to be able to get access also. That’s where removable bollards do double duty! Put them in place to do their job and then remove them easily to gain access to the area as required. Available in both surface mount and below ground designs with options for key lock or sleeve locks. We even have one available to secure roller doors.

When you remove your bollards, we have a range of storage sleeves and hangers to protect your bollards and keep them upright and out of the way.

tick Flexible options for access

tick Storage options available

Bollards for Parking Protection

There is nothing more annoying than having someone pinch your parking spot! We offer a range of good looking Parking Protection Bollards which are available in different heights and finishes. Our Remote Control Parking Bollard allows you to protect your space without leaving the comfort of your car. All of our Parking Bollards are easily installed without an electrician or expert. We include all the fixings that you require to install the bollards.

tick Locks in place to protect your parking spot

tick Folds down when not in use

Flexible Bollards

Made from high strength polyethylene plastic and PVC, this range of bollards are light weight and flexible yet offer strength and impact resistance. Ideal for use where vehicles are at risk of hitting assets to provide a buffer between them. With a variety of makes and models for a range of applications these high-vis bollards also come with reflective tape for maximum visibility.

tick Flexible bollards to resist damage from impacts

tick Easy to install or stand alone