Loading Dock & Car Park Barriers

Loading Dock & Car Park Barriers


If you want to enhance the safety of your loading bays and parking lots, Safety Xpress’ loading dock and car park barriers are for you. From boom gates and clearance bars to industrial-grade loading gates, we’ve got everything you need to ensure that your site is safe for both workers and visitors.

When installed properly, our car park and industrial barriers can help prevent unauthorised access to your worksite, reduce the risk of falls, and prevent height collisions. They can help to keep your site compliant with safety regulations and keep your operations running smoothly all-year round.

Made from quality galvanised steel, all our barriers and gates are designed to provide long-lasting performance and to endure heavy wear and tear. In addition, all our products are easy to install and can be set up in just a short amount of time.

With Safety Xpress’ robust product design, you won’t have to worry about disruptive repairs, intensive maintenance, and expensive replacements.

Keep Your Place Safe with Safety Xpress

Safety Xpress’ product selection includes boom gates, height clearance bars, and mezzanine pallet loading gates.

Our loading dock boom gates can help you restrict access or prevent unauthorised entry to your loading docks or car parks. With the use of our height clearance bars, you can regulate the heights of the vehicles that enter your worksite, thus reducing the risk of height collisions. Meanwhile, our mezzanine pallet loading gate can provide you with a safe and secure method of relocating pallets to an elevated floor.

We also offer dock safety railing products for those who want added protection and security.

For more information on customisation options, features, dimensions, and colours, please visit the individual product pages on our store. There you will find comprehensive product specifications as well as installation instructions.

Stay safe and secure with Safety Xpress! Explore the wide range of traffic and pedestrian safety products that we have for sale today. If you need assistance, you can get in touch with us by calling 1300 049 246 or by emailing

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