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Over Car Bonnet Storage: Best Use Of Your Dead Car Space

Posted by Safety Xpress on

Over Car Bonnet Storage Best Use Of Your Dead Car Space

The search for extra storage is never-ending. People often look for storage solutions to store their valuables or excess personal belongings. Garage storage is an option here. But, often storage lockers take up so much space that the car is often left out of the garage.

That’s not a good idea.

A good solution here would be to use our “ Over Bonnet Storage Lockers”. These lockers sit right above the bonnet of your car and utilise the dead or the unused space surrounding it.

It is a clever storage solution as it is designed keeping in view the limited floor space. It stands tall with height adjustable legs and can be fixed to the ground very easily.

Have a Double Garage? Install Two Over Bonnet Lockers

Do you have a double garage or two car park spaces? Over Bonnet Storage Lockers would be a good addition to your unused car space.

You can install two over bonnet storage lockers side by side. Installing two units next to each other will give you  additional storage space and a uniform look to your car parks.

These massive storage units look sleek and can store up to 300 kgs of your household and commercial items. They are built of steel and come with a fully engineered design. They sit against the wall and over the bonnet of your car, without losing the valuable parking space. You will get an additional cubic storage space of around 2.5m right in your car park.

Simplify Your Storage Issues

When it comes to storage and safety needs, many households and businesses trust us. We offer and deliver Over Bonnet Storage Lockers all over Australia.

This massive storage locker is convenient and very easy to use. You can adjust the height according to the height of your car's bonnet. It is positioned in a way that provides you with maximum strength and longevity. The best part is; there is no complex installation involved. It is a simple installation process that requires no more than two people.

With the simple assembling and disassembling technique, you get the added advantage of being able to move it, in case of relocation. It comes with an excellent load bearing capacity of about 300kgs which means you really can store a number of items including sports equipment, musical instruments, bicycles, excess furniture, tools, toys and other items.

It has a single door hinged at the top and not on the sides, so it doesn't swing out and hit the car in the adjacent car space. Also, the door moves freely and can easily be opened without moving your car.

Over Bonnet Storage Locker Works Best for Multi-Dwelling Residences

This smart storage solution is very popular for new and existing multi-dwelling residences. Construction companies, builders, architects, property developers, and strata managers are already including these lockers in the allocated parking spaces.

It is a perfect storage solution as it has the following benefits:

  • Providing a new concept in apartment living
  • Increasing the market appeal of the new apartments by adding the storage solution in the parking complex
  • Creating a consistent and a neat visual appeal in the parking facility
  • Providing every apartment dweller with an individual storage solution

So, be it an existing apartment or a new construction, an over bonnet storage locker is a viable storage solution.

Suggest It To Your Neighbours!

If you live in an apartment, you can suggest this  great storage solution for your neighbours or to your building’s management company.

Your apartment can install multiple Over Bonnet Storage Lockers side-by-side and convert the parking space into a great storage space without disturbing the cars. This will definitely help the residents with their storage issues and will also make the parking space look neat and uniform.

We can supply Over Bonnet Storage lockers in bulk quantities. In fact, we offer bulk discounts. Please contact us directly for more information.

Order Your Over Car Bonnet Storage Lockers

Generally, garages have an ample amount of space which goes unused. With our over car bonnet storage lockers, you can use this unproductive space.

Here are the features of our Over Bonnet Storage Locker:

  • Steel Construction that offers a strong, robust and reliable storage solution
  • A unique key 3-point locking system
  • 11 level adjustable gas strut door
  • Fire-safe design and material
  • Long-life rust protection
  • Smooth, powder coat finish
  • Sits freestanding on your car parking complex

We stock and supply these strong Over Bonnet Storage Lockers. You can find them on our website or you can personally visit us at our warehouses in  Scoresby, Victoria or Burleigh Heads, Gold Coast QLD to view the current model on display. With a handy installation manual available on our website, you will be able to install it easily.

It's time to switch to a convenient storage solution. Place your order today and get it delivered to your address by Safety Xpress. If you place an order before the end of June, you will get $200 off!

discount on over bonnet storage locker

If you have any questions, please  call us on 1300 049 246.

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