Wheel Stops & Speed Humps

Wheel Stops & Speed Humps


Safety Xpress wheel stops and speed humps are manufactured with the intent of ensuring pedestrians are safer when sharing roads with vehicles. This is created by reducing vehicle speeds around buildings, car parks and other shared areas. We stock plastic and rubber speed humps as seen below. We deliver all our speed humps - speed bumps to Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Gold Coast (QLD) and all other major cities in Australia.

Speed bumps are an easy way to reduce the speed of approaching vehicles where required. They work effectively in helping reduce the risk of accidents around schools, hospitals, parks, shopping centres and other similar places where foot traffic or pedestrian movement, is commonly present in a shared environment with vehicles.

Our Speed humps are quickly gaining popularity. They are low in height and broad in width, and equally effective at reducing the speed of fast approaching vehicles. Built to comply with Australian Standards, Safety Xpress ensures that the height and width measurements are within the defined Australian Standard.  Our speed humps don’t pose a risk to car drivers or pedestrians.

Rubber Speed Humps

You may have a number of people or staff crossing a roadway to and from your store or office, so it is highly essential that you ensure their safety. Our speed humps are just what you need. They will be a cost effective solution which will help in making vehicles reduce their speed as they approach the area. With the specialised design functionality and professional appearance, rubber speed humps provided by Safety Xpress can help reduce the risk of accidents where pedestrians sharing the space with vehicles.

Dependant on the distance of the area in which you want to install rubber speed humps, we can provide you with singular or multiple speed humps which would be installed at regular intervals to lower the speed of vehicles.

Speed Bumps

Our speed humps are built to be durable and have a long life. They are easy to maintain and individual sections can be replaced should this be required. Safety Xpress speed humps will always be good value for money.

With their professional look and design, our rubber speed humps are the perfect way to make shared roadways safe for pedestrians as well as general vehicle traffic. To be sure that you get speed humps with the correct measurements, place your order with us at Safety Xpress, your experienced provider of safety products Australia wide!

Rubber Wheel Stops

Here’s the best way to make sure the parking area of your commercial business or shopping centre is well organised and provides proper parking spaces and excellent safety for your visitors. Make sure you install in each parking space, quality carpark wheel stops by Safety Xpress, the leading provider of the finest rubber wheel stops Australia wide. We deliver all our wheel stops to Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Gold Coast (QLD) and all other major cities in Australia.

Wheel Stops are great for protecting your kerbs and walls from vehicles damaging them and also causing damage to the vehicles in the process. They assist in creating a boundary between obstacles and prevent travel further than the boundary the wheel stops create. The best thing is, they do this without causing damage to the vehicle or its tyres.

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