Bollards Sydney

As Safety Xpress is an Australian wide company operating an online store, we make sure we service Sydney with the best safety products we can. One of our biggest and most important sale items are bollards. Bollards come in a lot of varieties that suit a range of purposes. Safety Bollards are short, sturdy vertical posts that will protect your property from the impact of vehicles. They are also coloured bright yellow to make ensure visibility of the bollard is very high. We also have steel bolards and removable bollards which work fantastic for car parking facilities. Just pop the bollard up so no one can take your car park and pull it down when you need to use it. For our full range of bollards check our bollards page.

Wheel Stops Sydney

Wheel stops are great for protecting your walls and curbs from being  damaged by vehicles. They also protect the vehicle at the same time by gently stopping the wheels going any further. We have rubber and recycled wheel stops available from our online store. We even stock blue disabled wheel stops for disabled parking. Have a look at our wheel stop range that ships to Sydney.