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Billboard Bollards: Perfect for Branding Your Business

Posted by Safety Xpress on

In the times where competition is at its peak, branding your business becomes quintessential. It is one of the significant marketing tactics that not only helps you sustain your standing in the market but also contributes to getting a loyal customer base.

With the advent of technology and other digital strategies, the marketing world has also evolved and for the better. But, as they say, old is gold, the essence of traditional marketing still remains the same. It has never taken a back seat, though the ways of traditional marketing have evolved.

Branding - An Efficient Tool for Your Business

There are endless benefits when it comes to branding your business, like:

  • Customer recognition
  • Customer loyalty
  • Brand recognition
  • Competitive edge in the market
  • Enhanced credibility
  • Acceptance of new products

With these benefits, the businesses generally resort to branding tools that involve print, TV, radio, telemarketing, web and social media. These tools are no doubt effective but demand a good investment.

Unlike this, traditional branding has something great to offer. If you have a business and specifically a retail store, you are generally concerned about two things:

  • To attract your target audience
  • To enhance security measures for your store

What if we say, we have an amazing solution that will cater for both these purposes at once?

An ideal way to secure your business whilst branding it simultaneously is to opt for our Branded Bollards, also known as Billboard Bollards!

What are Branded Bollards?

Bollards are short vertical posts that act as a strong barrier to the entrance of any property. Their main purpose is to provide safety by deterring ram raids. You can  install bollards in any place - from storefronts to manufacturing floors - depending on your need and purpose.

Installing bollards are quite common security measures at various places, including:

  • Factories
  • Retail stores
  • Marinas
  • Government buildings
  • Construction sites
  • Parking areas
  • Roadway work sites and many more areas

As bollards are generally installed at the entrance, customising them with your own brand can altogether prove beneficial for your business. With a number of people crossing your storefront, your brand will be acknowledged on a daily basis.

So, isn't the concept of branded bollards worth a consideration? 

Let's find out!

Get Safety and Branding with Our Branded Bollards

For Customers

Bollards have multiple uses. Pedestrian safety is one of them. Street bollards act as a barrier during a collision while preventing the vehicles from running over or hitting the pedestrians directly. While the bollards will not nullify the chances of injuries, they will definitely minimise the risk of injuries in an event of a footpath collision.

For Products

As mentioned in our previous post, retail theft is a serious issue. Hence, it has become crucial to opt for security measures that can provide your store with enhanced safety. Installing bollards can save it from ram-raiding and other forced break-ins while giving you peace of mind that your products are safe and secure.

For Business

Your logo and messaging play a significant role in developing brand recognition and loyalty. With the custom logo and branded bollards, people can identify your company with a clear, custom and cohesive branding. Installing unique and aesthetically-pleasing bollards can increase the recall value for your business.

Additionally, these one-of-a-kind branded bollards also become landmarks as meeting points, ultimately driving more traffic to your store.

Branded Bollards - The Future of Urban Development Projects

Well-designed branded bollards are sure to provide your business with some great benefits. It is a win-win situation for all - investing in the design and installation of bollards will significantly help your business as well as your valuable customers.

If you are planning to opt for this wonderful branding solution, Safety Xpress can help you. We have a range of bollards to cater to your needs and we also offer custom-printed bollards for your business. You will find them on our website under the name – Billboard Bollard .

Explore our full range on our website and place an order today – as our SPRING SALE for Bollards is now on! You can save up to $100 with your next bollard order.

We will also provide same day delivery upon request. Contact us on 1300 049 246 if you have any queries. 

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