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The retail sector has completely revolutionised the way consumers shop. While there are multiple platforms for online shopping, there is still a huge demand for physical stores. With new and advanced retail stores opening, it is important to step up safety measures.

This not only ensures the safety of customers and staff but also encourages people to step out of their homes and have a great shopping experience.

So, how can you contribute to improving the overall safety and shopping experience for your valued customers? Here are 9 powerful ways to do so:

Upgrade Your Parking Facilities

It can be annoying to continuously drive around stores to find a parking spot. So, the first thing to enhance your crowd management solution is to have good parking facilities. Here are a few products you can consider to upgrade your parking complex:

1) Speed Humps

Speed humps are designed to slow down vehicles and improve the safety of pedestrians. When it comes to safety, speed humps are the most economical options to consider.

If you want to keep the traffic moving at a reasonable speed, speed humps can meet this need.

2) Bike Racks

The number of people riding bikes in Australia is steadily increasing.  Bike racks provide additional parking capacity for when customers visit local retail shops with their bikes. In addition to inviting bikers, bike parking also shows that your business encourages sustainability.

Additionally, by providing adequate, well-planned bike parking, you can also ensure that handrails and ramps intended for accessibility are not blocked by any bikes.

3) Wheel Stops

Wheel stops are familiar objects in huge parking complexes.  Wheel stops physically obstruct the wheels of a vehicle and prevent them from bumping into another vehicle.

Installing wheel stops in a parking complex also instructs the vehicles in a specific way to park.

In short, wheel stops ensure that the shoppers park their vehicle in the designated area only, leaving the entire complex organised.

Ensure In-House Safety Measures

You can ensure that the safety procedures are planned in a way that your shoppers can have a safe shopping experience. Here are a few effective products to ensure safety in and around your store:

4) Bollards

As an owner of a retail store, you expect a high level of pedestrian and vehicle traffic surrounding your facilities.  Bollards including removable or fixed can be an ideal solution for your store's security as a whole. By installing fixed or removable bollards at the entry points of your store, you can proactively prevent collisions.

In case of temporary events, flexible bollards can work best if you wish to provide the security for both entryways and your parking complex. In case of long-term, the fixed bollards could work best for your storefront.

5) Stair-Nosing

Though escalators have replaced the traditional staircase, there are many places that still have them. Also, having a staircase for your emergency exit is a must. Hence, stair nosing can be of great importance.

Stair Nosing is a product that make staircases safer. With a rubber or carborundum grip, it provides anti-slip properties and also improves the visibility of each tread, clearly defining where it ends. This avoids any slips and falls, making a safer complex.

6) Tactile Indicators

Tactile indicators are either directional bars or raised domes that are generally used on walking surfaces. These indicators give out a warning for hazards in the areas used by shoppers.

The tactile indicators are very beneficial for shoppers who have low vision. Shoppers can be aware of hazards immediately. This will help in locating potential obstructions such as a change in floor levels and ultimately avoiding major accidents.

Creating A Safer Warehouse Or Factory

A Warehouse or factory is a place that we think only our staff will use. But, how about those retailers and other stakeholders who come to view your products? You may do over the counter sales and offer pick-ups from your warehouse. So, there are other types of customers here and it is important to ensure their safety also.

You need to design precautionary measures that promote safety and security. You can start with:

7) Safety Mirrors

Convex mirrors are a great addition to any warehouse. A round convex mirror will provide the clearest reflection, less image distortion and will also cover more area. They are available in various sizes depending on the visibility required.

8) Guardrails

Guardrail is a safety feature designed to prevent vehicle traffic and pedestrian traffic from entering areas where potential hazards exist. You can also use it to separate heavily travelled areas where vehicles and pedestrians might intersect in large warehouses.

9) Safety Signs

Safety signs are the signboards that warn you about an obstacle or a danger ahead. These safety signs are very important in warehouses and factory areas as there are many sections that have huge machinery operating or activities going on.

Some of the safety signs used commonly are Speed Limit, No Entry, No Smoking, Construction Signage, etc.

Safety signs let you know which areas pose risks and where people should be cautious.

Give Your Visitors a Safe Shopping Experience

With these essential safety products and equipment, you can ensure your shoppers a safe and a comfortable shopping experience. If you are looking to buy any of these,  check out our website and get the best quality and price for all safety products.

We ship Australia-wide, so you just need to order online and your product will reach your doorstep. You can view our  best-seller safety products here.

If you have any questions or doubts before placing your order, feel free to discuss them with us. Call us on 1300 049 246

10th Apr 2018 Safety Xpress

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