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Why Your Business Should Consider Using Bollards?

Posted by Safety Xpress on


In 2017, news.com.au reported that concrete security bollards are fast becoming a familiar sight in major Australian cities. This came as a move to control and segregate vehicles from pedestrians during terror related attacks.

There are over 2,500 bollards in Sydney alone, but not all were introduced as anti-terror measures. Besides, controlling deliberate vehicle attacks on pedestrians, bollards can also help control traffic and restrict access to particular areas.

The main purpose of bollards is security. But, there are different types of bollards and they can serve specific needs.

Where Can You Spot Bollards?

There are so many places where bollards are used. From storefronts to manufacturing floors, bollards can be spotted at many places. Here are a few places that utilise bollards:

  • Manufacturing units or factories
  • Bike paths
  • Sports grounds
  • Universities
  • Retail Stores
  • Marinas
  • Government buildings
  • Construction sites
  • Parking Areas
  • Racing events
  • Historic sites
  • Roadway worksites

Bollards Serve Many Purposes

Bollards are a solution for a variety of security needs and there are a number of issues that can be addressed by installing bollards. Here are a few uses for bollards:

  • Stopping speeding vehicles
  • Marking parking restrictions
  • Blocking access to particular areas
  • Protecting vulnerable buildings
  • Controlling traffic
  • Illuminating dark areas
  • Preventing anti-ram behaviour
  • Identifying vehicle laneway edges
  • Indicating clear pathways to travel

Do You Need Bollards? Identify Your Security Needs

While you plan for the safety of your property, it is very important to identify your security requirements. Maybeyou can start by answering the following questions:

  • Why your property needs security?
  • What kind of security are you looking for?
  • What are the major threats to your property?

How Can Your Business Use Bollards?

Do you own a business and want to make your workplace safer? Using bollards can be a feasible and a cost-effective solution. Here are 3 ways you can use bollards for your business:

#1 Use Bollards to Restrict Access

Often there are limited parking spots available at business premises. Many businesses also share a huge common parking area with designated spots. But, still saving your parking spot or reserving a parking spot for your customers is a challenge.

          Parking Bollard - 620mm high

You can use bollards to restrict access and save your parking spot. Installing a Parking Bollard can stop any car from attempting to park in your spot. This bollard folds down to give you and your vehicle access and then sits bolt upright and locks into place with a key to protect your parking spot.

#2 Use Bollards to Avoid Ram-Raids and Thefts

Ram-raiding can cost any business a huge amount of money. Security bollards provide protection from such crimes, where a vehicle is driven through a door or other entry point of business with the intent to loot valuable assets. Below Ground Bollards are designed to handle ram-raiding activities.       Below Ground Bollard140mm

You can use bollards as a protection against thefts also. In fact, even homeowners are using Surface Mount Removable Bollards to stop their cars being stolen.

#3 Use Bollards to Control Traffic

If you have a business close to a busy private road, you may be worried about the constant traffic outside your place. Bollards can save you from such traffic hassle.

You can use bollards to outline car-free zones, prevent parking on pavements, and reduce traffic speed by narrowing lanes.

You can also install bollards near sensitive or accident-prone areas and manage the traffic in a better way on private driveways. Removable bollards are the most advisable for traffic control. You can prohibit unauthorised traffic effectively using removable bollards.  Removable Surface Mount Bollard

They are effective for construction projects or any other event that requires safeguarding for a limited time.

Do Your Research

It is very important to know your requirements and options available when you are planning for site security. Undoubtedly, bollards are one of the most recommended safety solutions as they are so versatile and affordable.

You will find all types of bollards on our website- www.safetyxpress.com.au. We provide bollards that can be used for parking solutions, traffic calming, restricting access, preventing ram-raiding etc.

You will only find high-quality and durable bollards on our website, at the best prices. We deliver all over Australia with same day delivery dispatch available.

So, check out our full range of bollards here and place your order today!

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