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How Are Different Industries Using Bollards?

Posted by Safety Xpress on


If you frequent the city during peak hours, you will see the main roads and parking facilities are flooded with vehicles. A strict set of road rules govern the general flow of traffic, but don’t assume people will follow them rigorously. Sometimes, rules and directions are not marked as clearly as they could be and it can be an honest mistake to miss these signboards. Visitors such as tourists can also be easily confused in busy cities. That's where an access control and safety device like a bollard can be helpful.

A bollard is a short post that acts as a silent security guard or a subtle director of pedestrian traffic. They are specifically designed to alert drivers of a restricted area or to deny drivers access. Bollards can also help in preventing collisions around the designated areas.

Why Do You Need Bollards?

There are various reasons different industries are using bollards today, like:

  • Security for buildings and infrastructure
  • Pedestrian safety
  • Controlling site access
  • Aesthetic value
  • Traffic management

What Are Some Different Types of Bollards?

There is a huge variety of bollards available today. However, the common ones are:

  • Permanent Bollards - Best for long-term security and areas at risk of ram raids
  • Flexible Bollards - Best for deterring and guiding
  • Removable Bollards - Best for controlling site entrances and exits

Different Industries Using Bollards

You may have spotted a bollard outside a parking complex to restrict entry when it gets full. You may have also seen a bollard being used on a construction site to highlight the under-construction zone and to assist with avoiding collisions. There are various industrial applications for bollards. Let’s take a look at how major industries are using bollards:

  • Car Parking

Parking complexes witness heavy traffic during peak hours. Drivers are busy looking for a parking spot or making their way out. Thus, the chances of missing a sign or having a collision are higher due to haste driving.

In order to keep the parking complexes running smoothly, bollards serve as an effective traffic management solution by sectioning off the restricted driving areas or any other specific zones.

  • Airport

Airport sites have various areas that use bollards. These areas get constant traffic due to passenger inflow and outflow. It is important to restrict fast driving around these areas to maintain airport safety. With the use of bollards, airports are able to maintain the safety levels.

Bollards can also segregate restricted spaces which can be accessed only by airport staff.


  • Warehouse

Warehouses are dynamic, busy places so they can be prone to collisions. Generally, warehouses have areas throughout them where forklifts and other heavy machinery are moving around. Hence, the warehouse bollards are used as traffic barriers to minimise the occasions when pedestrians might accidentally collide with a moving vehicle or an automated machine.

  • Events

Public safety is of the utmost priority during public events. Removable bollards provide the perfect solution when they are used. They are sturdy enough to manage traffic, both vehicle and pedestrian, keeping them separate and therefore minimising any potential hazards.

Most local events like private celebrations, street events, public gatherings, markets, concerts or any sports event can use bollards to guide pedestrians in the right direction.

These bollards also contribute to increasing the aesthetic value of the event.

  • Retail

Surface Mount Bollards can be installed to protect assets from damage by trolleys. They are effective in undercover parking areas where space is limited and lighting is dim. In this instance they will protect customers’ cars from damage from trolleys especially if the parking areas are on an incline or contain numerous corners for customers to manoeuvre around with their trolleys.

Bollards also protect shop entrances from ram raids adjacent to parking areas and create an aesthetically pleasing entrance, as well as creating a barrier between pedestrians and vehicles.


  • City-planning

Urban areas and buildings may have large stretches of footpath or green space surrounding them, making bollards functional for providing protection in these public spaces from vehicles entering.

While planning community spaces, it becomes imperative to include security planning and the use of bollards is one of the most effective security measures of all.

A Small Investment in Bollards Can Protect Expensive Assets

Whether your goal is to protect your store display, warehouse assets or getting an organised parking space, our extensive range of bollards will have your solution. If you work in any of these industries and are looking for a versatile safety solution- a Safety Xpress bollard is your answer.

We at Safety Xpress offer a huge range of bollards. We are a trusted name and a recommended choice for many businesses as their safety equipment supplier.

Order your bollards online and we can arrange for same day shipping. If you have any questions about our bollards you can scroll through our other blog posts or the FAQs or simply call us directly on 1300 049 246.

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