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Turn Your Car Space Into 2.5m Of Cubic Storage

Posted by Safety Xpress on

Storage space always seems to be the one thing that we all need more of. We appear to outgrow our storage spaces as soon as we expand our families, workspaces or even interests. Thus, people constantly look for safe and versatile storage ideas for their homes and offices.

The concept of garage storage cabinets can be an intelligent addition to your storage options. These cabinets are popularly known as “Over Car Bonnet Storage Lockers”.

In  our previous blog, we have already highlighted how apartment owners are using these cabinets to expand their storage spaces.

Another great application is to use these garage shelving units in your parking or garage space. Let’s take a look how you can do that.

Don’t Waste Your Car Space, Instead Turn It Into 2.5m Of Cubic Storage 

Our Over Car Bonnet Storage Locker is the most popular way to convert your car space into 2.5m of cubic storage! Unlike, other garage storage options, which can be unsafe or weak, this storage solution offers the best features at a competitive price. (We are currently running a huge discount on Over Car Storage Bonnet Lockers,  check it out here.)

This massive and strong over car garage storage is a clever storage solution that utilises the wasted space above the car in your garage or shared parking space. This means, you literally don't need to think about a place to install it. Simply place it where you park your car and it will sit conveniently against the wall just above the bonnet of your car.

Easy Garage Storage

 This easy garage storage solution is elevated and comes with adjustable legs that allow you to modify the height according to your car's bonnet. So, you utilise every inch of your valuable car park space and get 2.5m of cubic storage!

Our over the bonnet storage solution has doors that are fitted with gas struts. This makes it easy for you to operate. The door hinges are internal on all four sides and it has a three-point locking mechanism that provides you with complete security. Additionally, the locks are easy to operate and the doors are built tough to safely store your belongings.

Why Is Over Car Bonnet Storage The Best Garage Storage Solution?

  • Solid steel construction - for long-life, strength and durability
  • Adjustable legs - to suit your car's bonnet height
  • 11 level adjustable gas strut door
  • Storage for around 300kgs - to store your belongings
  • Unique key 3-point locking system - for security and peace of mind
  • Internal adjustable garage shelving units - for storing articles of different sizes
  • Compliant with building and council planning codes - for fire safe design and materials
  • Galvanised internal panels - for long life rust protection
  • Smooth, powder-coated finish - for long life and a desirable appearance
  • Sits free standing on your car space floor - for a flexible storage solution

Finally, A Car Park Storage That Can Safely Store Almost Anything!

We have 3 words that best describe our  Over Car Bonnet Storage Lockers:

  1. Strong
  2. Reliable
  3. Convenient

These massive storage units are built of solid steel and can store up to 300 kgs of material. You can completely rely on them as they have a unique locking system and come with a 10-year limited warranty.

The best part is they are highly convenient and user-friendly. You can literally declutter your home or office by simply installing this over car garage storage solution in your car park.

Here are a few items that you can store in your over the bonnet garage storage:

  • Sports gear like surfboards, basketball, tennis equipment, golf clubs
  • Tools and hardware items
  • Excess bags or suitcases
  • Toys and bicycles
  • Musical Instruments like a Guitar and Violin
  • Excess furniture

These items can occupy a lot of space in your home and moreover, they are not used on a daily basis. So, storing them your car park storage i.e. over the bonnet storage locker can be a smart move.

Need An Easy To Install Garage Storage Solution?

You have just found one!  Over Car Bonnet Storage Lockers are very easy to install. They can be easily assembled by 1 to 2 people. This installation manual available on our website will help you install this locker easily.

Our customers who bought this great storage unit consider this as the best car park storage solutions. It offers 2.5m of cubic storage, safety, easy installation and affordability.

You too can  explore our best-selling product - Over Car Bonnet Storage Locker on our website. If you place an order before the end of June, you will get $200 off!

Discount on Over Bonnet Storage Locker

We can deliver this product to your premises or you can collect it from the nearest depot, whatever is more convenient to you. If you have any questions, feel free to  call us on 1300 049 246.

Feel free to drop by our warehouse in  Scoresby, Victoria or Burleigh Heads, Gold Coast QLD, to view the current model on display.

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