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Living In An Apartment Or Have Limited Storage? Here’s a Clever Storage Solution

Posted by Safety Xpress on

Over Bonnet Storage Locker

As per the data of 2016 Census of Population and Housing, for every five occupied separate houses, there is now around one occupied apartment in Australia. Gradually, these occupied apartments have increased by 78% over 25 years.

As we all know, storage is premium in high-rise apartment buildings and most of the apartments don’t have enough storage space. People often struggle with limited storage options and look for ways to increase their storage capacity.

One such effective and secured storage solution is the “ Over Bonnet Storage Locker”.

An Urban Storage Solution

This clever storage solution was designed by keeping in mind the limitations of storage space in high-rise apartment buildings. It works as a parking loft and utilises the space above the car in garages.

Over Car Bonnet Storage


The car bonnet tucks under this storage unit and that’s why it is called the Over Bonnet Storage Locker.

The best part about these lockers is that you don't need to think about a place to install it. You have enough space in your parking spot or garage to install it.

It is a unique car park storage solution and it provides you with an additional storage space.It sits conveniently against the wall and above the bonnet of your car. It is ideal for storing items like golf clubs, office products, bicycles, children's toys and other miscellaneous items.

Features of Over Bonnet Storage Lockers

The best part is - it does not require extra floor space. So, you are not wasting any precious floor space. It is made of steel with a light grey powder coat finish, these have an excellent load bearing capacity of about 300 kgs. This massive Storage Locker fits over the bonnet of your car in your parking space. If you buy an Over Bonnet Storage Locker from us, it will come with the following features:

  • Height adjustable legs to raise the clearance for a 4WD or higher vehicle
  • Height can be adjusted from 1100mm to 1400mm
  • Width: 2.5m, Depth: 1m, Height: 1m (total height 2.1-2.4m)
  • Can store up to 300 kgs
  • Long-lasting with solid steel construction
  • 11 level adjustable gas strut door
  • Minimal bolts and screws for quick assembly
  • Can be easily assembled by a maximum of two people
  • Unique key 3-point locking system (comes with 2 keys)
  • Galvanised steel and powder coat finish
  • Rust-free
  • 10-year limited warranty
  • Comes with complete instructions for DIY installation

Benefits of Over Bonnet Storage Locker

1. Complete Storage Solution

Undoubtedly, it is a clever storage solution for people living in high-rise apartments. It solves the problem of limited storage and utilises the wasted space in your garage or underground parking. You can store your extra boxes, suitcases, clothing, toys, tools, or even furniture in this locker. Definitely, a great storage solution for decluttering your home.

2. Safe & Secured

This storage locker is not only convenient but also safe. It comes with a unique key 3-point locking system. You can have peace of mind that your belongings are safe, even when you are not around. The locker also safeguards your belongings in changing weather conditions .

3. Accessible Storage

Installing the Over Bonnet Storage Locker requires no extra floor space. Moreover, it provides you with additional space within your building, instead of buying extra space in a storage warehouse. So, you don’t need to step out of your building every time you need your belongings.

4. Declutter Apartment Space

Things like suitcases or bicycles are often lying around in the corner of an apartment. This storage solution can declutter your apartment and give you more open space. With our Over Bonnet Storage Locker, you can store all your extra belongings which are not used on a daily basis or inside the apartment.

We stock and supply these massive and strong Over Bonnet Storage Lockers. You can find them on our website or visit our warehouse in Scoresby Victoria, to view the current model on display.Also, we recommend installing one of our minni wheel stops in your parking facility in front of the storage locker to ensure you don't collide with it by mistake.An installation manual is available on our website which will help you install the Over Bonnet Storage Locker easily. We can either deliver it to your premises or you can collect it from the nearest depot.If you have any questions, feel free to call us on 1300 049246.


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Danny Twil

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Jamie Young

Great, helpful staff. Very fast service from placing order to receiving goods. Happy with your service.

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Ryan Brown

Safety Xpress has a great range of quality car park and safety products available. Their staff are friendly and happy to assist us with any questions. All products are always in stock and ready for us to pickup as soon as our projects begin. They even deliver straight to site if required!

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Chris Shearer

Safety Xpress have great prices and high quality products. They are very friendly and are more then happy to go out of their way to help out. Wouldn't shop anywhere else

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Brad Reily

Quit service and great quality products.. I couldn't recommend the team at Safetyxpress more, check them out.!

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oliver wagner

Buying goods and materials from SaeftyXpress over two years now, good quality, very competitive prices and last not least friendly staff always be available when they are needed most.

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I love this place!!

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Ray Siegersma

Safety Xpress has a huge range of bollards in stock, same day delivery and very cheap!

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