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4 Smart Parking Solutions That Every Car Owner Must Use

Posted by Safety Xpress on

Car Park Solutions

Finding a parking space is really becoming a challenge nowadays. The daily task of finding a parking spot or claiming the one that is yours – can be really annoying. So, what is the solution to this daily ordeal?

If you own a car, you would be aware of hundreds of parking solutions available. You may have also tried few of them. But, if you are really keen to improve your car parking situation, switch to smart parking. It is the first, yet a significant step to enhance your parking space management.

Smart Parking makes use of sensor technology and smart mobile applications that not only help you with the varied parking options but also aids in managing the unoccupied parking space effectively.

Additionally, there is a pool of benefits that you get with these smart parking solutions:

  • Optimised parking
  • Reduced traffic flow
  • Reduced chaos
  • Reduced pollution
  • Enhanced user experience
  • Increased safety
  • Decreased management costs

Upgrade Your Parking Space with These Smart Solutions

There are many smart parking techniques that you can resort to, but today, let's focus on the must-haves for every car owner.

1.Smart Phone App Controlled Automatic Parking Lock

Nowadays, it is uncommon to find someone without a smartphone. How about controlling your parking space with your smartphone? This advanced product called APARKLOCK is a convenient and reliable system to ensure that your parking space is not misused.

The parking lock has a flexible design. Moreover, it comes with a self-protection function which makes it tough and long-lasting, no matter what the weather is. All you need to do is download the application - Sciener on your smartphone and install the APARKLOCK. Press the first button while leaving your parking space. This will restrict others from parking in your spot. When you are back, press the 'down' button from your app. This will lower the barrier and you will get access to your parking space.


  • Pressure resistance
  • 180°anti collision functionality
  • High capacity
  • Long remote-control distance
  • Waterproof
  • Battery replacement option
  • Anti-theft

Imagine, with APARKLOCK, you can always have your parking space available and never have to worry about someone else parking in your spot. It is indeed a significant and a  smart park solution for you, isn't it?

2.Over Bonnet Storage Locker

Shortage of storage is a common problem nowadays. We appear to outgrow our storage spaces as soon as we expand our families, workspaces or even interests. Thus, people constantly look for safe and versatile storage ideas for their homes and offices.

Have you heard about this amazing, smart solution - over bonnet storage locker? You can make the best use of dead space above your parked car with this storage locker. It utilises the space above the bonnet of your car and sits conveniently against the wall. The strong, reliable and convenient storage solution can store almost anything - sporting equipment, tools and hardware, excess furniture, toys, luggage, office products and other miscellaneous items that you would want to keep handy.


  • Solid steel construction
  • Storage space for around 300kgs
  • Adjustable legs to suit your car's bonnet height
  • A unique key 3-point locking system
  • Internal adjustable shelves
  • Long-life product with smooth, powder-coated finish
  • Rust-free, flexible storage option

Over bonnet storage locker is the next smart addition, you should be making in your garage or parking space.

3.Convex Mirror

If you are of the opinion that the application of a convex mirror is just limited to commercial spaces, you are mistaken. Nowadays, driveways and apartment parking spaces also witness a huge flow of traffic and have a risk of collisions.

If you are able to see what's coming from the other side, it will help you avoid a range of collisions. A convex mirror does the job and hence, is a simple yet effective solution to create the safety you deserve. It works best, especially when your parking space has blind corners and intersections. With indoor, outdoor, full dome, quarter or half dome convex mirrors, you have a wide range of options to select from, according to your requirements.


  • Road safety
  • Building security
  • Withstands any weather conditions - resistant to heat, UV rays, frost and fog
  • Tough and versatile
  • Flexible and shatter-proof
  • Maintenance-free
  • Reduced collisions and theft

You will need to consider the need, the type and the size in order to ensure that your purpose is met. This easy, effective, and smart solution is sure to assist you to drive your car from the parking space comfortably with complete peace of mind.

4.Corner Protectors

If your parking or garage has tight parking issues – it may scrape your car. How about using a corner protector in your parking space and get rid of this problem?

A corner protector can easily be installed on your parking walls, columns and building corners. Doing so will prevent your car getting scraped, no matter how tight the parking situation is. As there will be no contact with columns or corners of the walls, you can stay stress-free about getting any scratches or scuffs on your car.


  • Perfect protector made of flexible, high strength rubber
  • Quick installation process
  • Visible black and yellow reflective strips
  • Tamper resistant - prevention of scratch and scuff
  • UV, moisture and temperature resistant
  • Skid-resistant base

You can safely and confidently park your car with this simple addition to your parking space.

Finding a parking space while maintaining the condition of your car is no more a challenge. With these smart parking solutions, your car will be safe and completely secured. Moreover, these solutions will take the stress out of everyday parking and storage issues.

If you are looking to buy these and many more smart parking products under one roof, you are in the right place. We at, Safety Xpress, can cater to you with all kinds of parking and safety solutions.

Explore our huge range of products on our website and place your order. Our delivery process is also efficient like our products. We deliver Australia-wide with express delivery options.

In case of any questions, give us a call on 1300 049 246 and we will help you find the right product for your safety needs. 

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