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Secure Your Parking Spot Through Your Smartphone

Posted by Safety Xpress on

Automatic car parking lock

It is extremely annoying to see an unwanted vehicle parked in your dedicated parking spot. Whether it is a commercial space or a residential apartment – you will often find someone parking where they shouldn’t be. 

Let’s agree, those parking signs with your apartment number or company’s name – they don’t help. Even those notes left on their car’s windshield is not enough.

And, it is a great hassle to identify the owner of the illegally parked car. This could be infuriating if you are running late.

So, are you tired of people persistently parking in your parking spot or driveway?

Then, we have got a solution for you!

Install an app-controlled automatic parking lock and secure your parking spot.

Now, it is not ordinary carpark safety equipment which can be broken, stolen or even damaged with a car running over it.

We have got a fool-proof product which can protect your parking spot simply with your smartphone.

How Can You Save Your Parking Spot Through Your Smartphone?

Never lose your parking spot again.

Secure your parking spot from unauthorised access with Safety Xpress’s APARKLOCK. It is an app-controlled automatic parking lock which is fully automatic and very strong.

It is easy to install, extremely convenient to use and hardly has any maintenance costs.

The unique feature of this automatic parking lock is – you can lock and unlock it with your smartphone.

It is already being used in airports, hotels, shopping centres, residential buildings and other parking facilities.

How It Works - smartphone app-controlled automatic parking lock

You simply need to download the “Sciener” App and follow the prompts. This app is available on both Google’s Play Store and the Apple’s App Store. So, it can work with iOS and Android phones.

The lock works via Bluetooth and gets easily connected to a smartphone once within a range of 30 meters.

Just press the rise up button in the app and your lock will automatically raise the parking barrier to prevent invaders from using your parking spot. A standing guard secures your reserved parking spot.

You can receive notifications, access other features and view unlocking history – all through this app.

Moreover, this Bluetooth smartphone app-controlled automatic parking lock is weather-proof and very sturdy.

Why Buy Our Automatic Parking Lock – APARKLOCK?

1. Anti-Collision

Our APARKLOCK has a self-protection function and a flexible design. In case of external pressure being applied to it, it will rotate back and forth to guard itself. At the same time, the lock will raise an alarm indicating that your parking lock has been misused. Once the external force is removed, it will automatically reset to its original position.

2. Pressure Resistant

Thicker steel shell and a curved design give it a high-pressure resistance ability. When assembled, this lock can endure a pressure of up to 2000 kg rolling weight without deformation.

3. Waterproof

The advanced design makes it completely waterproof and it can work normally even in heavy rains. You will be surprised to know that our lock can work underwater for at least an hour without any adverse effect on functionality. This enables it to be installed in any indoor or outdoor environment.

4. Great Reach

The effective distance to control your parking lock through your smartphone is 30 meters. You can easily and comfortably control it across diverse parking situations.

5. Long Battery Life

4xD sized batteries are enough to fully power our APARKLOCK. It’s easy to maintain and charge-free. Our lock has an in-built energy-saving system which enables these 4xD sized batteries to power the unit for at least 6 months.

6. Low-Level Battery Notification

The lock has a function to alert shortage of power. If the battery is almost exhausted, you will notice a reduction in the speed of the barrier arm rising and lowering. When the battery is low, an alarm will be activated and an LED light will flash.

7. Control With Smartphone

This car parking lock can be controlled with your smartphone. Simply download the “Sciener” app on your phone. It is compatible with both Android and iOS smartphones. You can raise the parking barrier up by simply pressing the top button. Unless you hit the bottom button to lower down the barrier, the parking spot will be inaccessible.

8. Anti-Theft

Our APARKLOCK is installed and fixed in the ground using expansion bolts. These bolts are further covered by the parking lock’s outer-shell. You can even lock the shell with the keys provided. This makes the lock hard to disassemble or steal.

9. Share Parking Space

There might be situations when you need to give access to your parking spot to others, like guests coming over. This can also be done with the app. The visitor has to download the app and enter an “e-key” which will be given by you. Once they enter the “e-key”- they can access the parking spot for a pre-determined time.

Control & Secure Your Parking Spot At An Unbeatable Price

Our APARKLOCK, smart parking lock can efficiently guard your parking spot. The best part is – it is convenient and very safe.

Be it your home or office parking, APARKLOCK will prevent any illegal or unauthorised vehicle from parking at your spot.

Get your smartphone app-controlled automatic parking lock today at an unbeatable price. Order it from our website www.safetyxpress.com.au.

Get it delivered to your doorstep with our express shipping service. If you have any queries regarding this car parking lock, feel free to call us on 1300 049 246.

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Danny Twil

Danny Twil

Fantastic service and great products. The staff are very knowledgeable and will always go out of their way to help you out or answer any questions you may have. Excellent company!

Jamie Young

Jamie Young

Great, helpful staff. Very fast service from placing order to receiving goods. Happy with your service.

Durasafe Admin

Ryan Brown

Safety Xpress has a great range of quality car park and safety products available. Their staff are friendly and happy to assist us with any questions. All products are always in stock and ready for us to pickup as soon as our projects begin. They even deliver straight to site if required!

Chris Shearer

Chris Shearer

Safety Xpress have great prices and high quality products. They are very friendly and are more then happy to go out of their way to help out. Wouldn't shop anywhere else

Brad Reily

Brad Reily

Quit service and great quality products.. I couldn't recommend the team at Safetyxpress more, check them out.!

oliver wagner

oliver wagner

Buying goods and materials from SaeftyXpress over two years now, good quality, very competitive prices and last not least friendly staff always be available when they are needed most.

James Dolman

James Dolman

I love this place!!

Ray Siegersma

Ray Siegersma

Safety Xpress has a huge range of bollards in stock, same day delivery and very cheap!

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