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7 Best Convex Mirrors You Can Buy Under $200

Posted by Safety Xpress on

Convex mirrors being used on street intersections are a common sight. Workplaces with tow trucks, pallet trucks and forklifts are also advised to use convex mirrors for better safety. Other places that use convex mirrors efficiently are hospitals, parking spaces, retail stores, schools, hotels and other places with insufficient visibility.

Overall, convex mirrors are a great tool to avoid accidents and cover any blind spots.

Since convex mirrors are a necessity and are so widely used – they should be accessible as well as affordable.

We have compiled a list of convex mirrors that won’t burn a hole in your pocket. All these safety mirrors are of high-grade and quality but priced just right! Whatever your requirement is, we have a convex mirror for every need.

With our existing offer of 25% discount on convex mirrors – you can buy the best convex mirrors that you need under $200.

7 Best Convex Mirrors That You Can Buy Under $200

#1 Convex mirror - Indoor 800mm

Discounted Price: $164.18 (Inc. GST)

Our 800 mm indoor convex mirror is an economical and effective way to prevent collisions and accidents. These mirrors are strong, durable and can increase visibility in vision limited areas.

They are also lightweight and give a clearer and brighter reflection. They would be ideal for general indoor surveillance use. These mirrors are not prone to scratches and have an anti- corrosion capability.

All these features make them stand apart from other convex mirrors in the market.

#2 Convex mirror - Indoor/Outdoor 1000mm

Discounted Price: $164.18 (Inc. GST)

These 1000mm indoor/outdoor convex mirrors are a perfect blend of excellent features and reasonable price. You don’t have to burn a hole in your pocket to buy these high-security convex mirrors. They are ideal for any warehouse or open space buildings.

They are made using high-quality polycarbonate and the surface is well-protected using an orange visor that also helps in reducing sun glare. As they are 1000 mm, they help you see a wider radius.

#3 Convex Mirror - Indoor Security Black Surround 600mm

Discounted Price: $119.63 (Inc. GST)

Our 600 mm indoor convex mirrors help prevent theft and provide effective security in retail and commercial facilities. These 600mm indoor security mirrors have the visibility coverage of approximately 7 metres.

They allow you to easily scan blind spots without any hassle. These are adjustable convex mirrors and allow you to position them at any vertical or horizontal angle.

#4 Half Dome Mirror – 600 mm

Discounted Price: $114.68 (Inc. GST)

Intersections and blind corners in busy environments can often be risky.

Our half dome mirrors are perfect to prevent unnecessary accidents, alleviate blind intersections, safeguard entrances and scan unguarded aisles.

These are mounted straight to a wall and offer the brightest reflection with no distortion.

They give a 180° reflected view which aids in preventing accidents. They are made from light-weight acrylic and provide a clear image that won’t fade over time. Ideal to use in warehouses, retail stores, clinics, restrooms and hospitals.

#5 Quarter Dome Mirror – 500mm

Discounted Price: $56.93 (Inc. GST)

Our 500 mm Quarter Dome Mirrors are designed for mounting at right angle corners to provide 90° vision. These convex mirrors are ideal for preventing collisions in corridors or in public areas.

These high-quality acrylic mirrors give a clear, bright and distortion free reflection. They are easy to install, clean and maintain too.

#6 Convex mirror - Indoor/Outdoor 800mm

Discounted Price: $113.03 (Inc. GST)

Made using high-quality Polycarbonate, these convex mirrors offer top-notch security and are highly durable and strong.

They are highly recommended as driveway mirrors or blind spot mirrors in factories and warehouses. The orange visor helps in reducing sun glare. Our 800mm indoor/outdoor convex mirrors come with a post mount bracket that is ideal for astandard sign post with approx 60mm diameter.

#7 Convex mirror - Indoor 450mm

Discounted Price: $65.18 (Inc. GST)

Ideal to be used in multi-level car parks, these 450mm indoor safety mirrors aid in increasing the safety and security of any building.

Made using high-quality Polycarbonate with a weatherproof backing, these convex mirrors offer bright, clear images and are not prone to scratches. They are lightweight and can be easily installed. These 450mm indoor convex mirrors are preferable to be used in undercover areas or indoors.

If you want to buy these great safety mirrors at discounted prices, simply use promo code AUGSAFETY25 during checkout .

Create a safe workplace at a price that won’t break your bank. Just consider your needs and buy a safety mirror that suits your requirements. Safety Xpress is the most recommended and trusted name for buying convex mirrors in Australia.

You will get the best specifications, quality and prices when you buy from us. We have more varieties of convex mirrors for sale. You can explore our whole range of low-priced convex mirrors here. You don’t have to worry about express delivery because we can deliver Australia-wide fast!

We have stores in Melbourne and the Gold Coast. If you have any questions, feel free to reach us on 0431 049 246 or 1300 049 246.

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