Which Stair Nosing Should I Choose?

When it comes to safety, one of the best things you can do is to ensure that your stairs are free from trip hazards and are providing the safest access or exit points available. Stair nosing plays a huge role in creating a safe environment across both indoor and outdoor environments but it can be confusing trying to choose the most appropriate material for your application. This guide will help to unravel some of the confusion surrounding the various types of stair nosing.

Fibreglass Reinforced Plastic

If it’s industrial strength, hard wearing, all weather stair nosing you want, then this is it. Suitable for high traffic areas and access stairs in marine, mining and factory environments. Deals well with grit, grime and oil and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments. These can be cut to the lengths you require and then easily installed using a strong adhesive. We suggest using “Sikaflex” commonly available from hardware stores. It is a polyurethane based joint sealant for use on most cement, brick, epoxy, polyester, metal and timber surfaces. Please see the manufacturer's website for more information regarding the use of this product for your particular needs.

tick Available in safety Yellow for all weather visibility

tick Offers non-slip and exceptional grip for the toughest of environments

Aluminium With Rubber Inserts

Available with both a 10mm and 30mm Bullnose face and manufactured from high quality anodised aluminium, this stair nosing has an anti-slip surface provided by a rubber insert. The insert is available in Black, Yellow and Grey and the aluminium can be anodised black if you prefer. Ideal for low to medium traffic areas, this stair nosing is cut to length, can pre pre-drilled or glued into place onto a variety of substrates including timber, concrete, bitumen, tiles and vinyl rubber. Completes the look to any set of stairs with a streamlined finish.

tick Can be drilled or glued to the surface

tick Choose your colour of insert and aluminium

Aluminium With Carborundum Inserts

Carborundum is known for its ability to provide a non-slip surface in all weather conditions due to its strong grit. This stair nosing is the whole package, ideal for high traffic areas and yet giving a streamlined look. The carborundum insert is available in ‘super anti-slip-10mm’ or ‘tough anti- slip-3mm thick’. This stair nosing is a popular choice for new buildings of all descriptions including, restaurants/eateries, shopping centres and sports facilities.

tick Available in 10mm and 30mm Bullnose

tick Australian Compliant and manufactured to AS/NZS 1428.1

Corrugated Aluminium

A streamlined corrugated aluminium finish can be achieved with the Securatread stair nosing. The fine corrugation of the aluminium provides an anti-slip surface whilst giving a refined look to the edge of the stairs. Available with a 10mm bullnose or in a 50mm wide piece without bullnose and in both black and natural aluminium. Ideal for medium to high traffic areas. Cut to size, these stair nosings glue down easily onto a variety of surfaces. Applicable for indoor and outdoor environments. Achieve a refined look and finish to your set of stairs with these stair nosings.

tick Easily installed

tick Order and cut to your required lengths