Which Speed Hump Should I Choose?

Speed humps are a necessary tool to help to calm traffic and control speed. Deciding which speed hum will suit your needs can be difficult to do as there is quite a variety available on the market. We have created this guide in the hope that it will assist you in choosing the correct speed hump for your particular needs.

Heavy Duty Speed Humps

If you have the need for speed humps to withstand heavy traffic flow and take on serious weights, then you will require heavy duty speed humps. There are different materials and sizes to suit a variety of applications and surfaces. Our metal speed humps are longer in length and are suitable for slowing traffic in large areas. Weight rated to 50 tonne they will do the job under extreme pressure. We also offer a 50 Tonne Speed Hump made from Nylon Plastic offering strength without excessive weight. Our ‘Ultimate” 100 tonne speed hump is designed with our exclusive, unique ‘honeycomb’ configuration base for extra strength. The weight load capacity is a huge 100 tonnes at a speed of 30km/h or less. We include all fixings for your speed humps when you purchase with us.

tick Complies with Australian Standard 2890.1:2004

tick Installation guides free to download from our website

Rubber Speed Humps

Made from rubber and built to withstand the harsh Australian conditions, our Compliant Rubber Speed Humps are most commonly used in shopping centres, multi and ground level carparks and private roads. They are easily installed and we supply all fixings for your requirements. No need to specify how many yellow and black sections you need, just work out the length and we’ll send you the right amount of alternating colours for your job. All fixings are supplied and they comply with Australian Standard 2890.1:2004. We will even tell you how to install them with our free installation guides. We also have a range of Speed Cushions available in different sizes which slow traffic and are designed to minimise driver discomfort. Their wider base enables a softer landing for the vehicle whilst still slowing the flow of traffic.

tick Slows traffic safely and easily

tick Easy to install

Temporary Speed Humps

Sometimes traffic needs to be slowed or diverted temporarily or there are obstacles that are creating a hazard that need to be overcome. You may need a temporary solution without the expense or inconvenience of having to commit to a permanent solution. We have a range of solutions for a variety of issues. Our Portable Roll Out Speed Hump is the perfect solution in situations where traffic needs to be slowed instantly. It is lightweight, compact and can be re-used, making it a worthwhile investment to add to your toolbox of safety equipment. For instances where you have cables or leads to organise and contain safely, we offer the Cable Protector. Available in two sizes, these can be used both indoors and outdoors, clip easily together and create a surface that trolleys can easily wheel over.

tick A range of non-permanent solutions

tick Effective traffic slowing tools

Traffic Slowing Signage

When Speed Humps are installed along roads and in carparks, it is important to give road users fair warning that their speed is about to be curtailed with the use of the speed humps. We have signage that you can choose from to ensure this is conveyed clearly and accurately.   Whether it is a speed limit sign or a speed hump warning sign, we offer everything you need, including the poles and fixings, to ensure the safety of road users.

tick Give fair warning to road users

tick We have everything you need to install signs easily