What Should The Mounting Height Be for Safety Convex Mirrors

What Should The Mounting Height Be for Safety Convex Mirrors

Convex mirrors, also known as safety mirrors, have become a common sight nowadays. It is standard practice to use them in parking complexes, commercial buildings, warehouses, stores etc.

They can enhance safety and decrease the risk of collisions or other unfavourable incidents. In fact, they are one of the most cost-effective ways to upgrade safety on your premises.

When positioned properly, convex mirrors can alert people of theft or danger. They are widely used in spaces with blind intersections and corners. They can also be spotted in factories or warehouses to alert employees of oncoming forklifts. The uses of convex mirrors are limitless. But before you get started – here are a few things to know about convex mirrors.

How to Choose The Right Size Of Convex Mirror?

It is important to choose the right sized convex mirror. A smaller sized convex mirror will not be able to provide adequate visibility, viewing distance and details. A few potential drawbacks of choosing a large convex mirror are:

  • -Reflected image will appear too large
  • -It can be difficult to mount a large mirror if you have space constraints

A convex mirror is recommended when you have a requirement to view objects in detail at a distance of around 5 to 12 metres. Generally, these mirrors provide vision around 160 to 180 degrees.

Consider These Factors To Choose The Right Convex Mirror

With a wide range of sizes and shapes of convex mirrors available on the market, choosing the right one can be overwhelming. There are a few significant factors that you need to take into account while choosing your convex mirror, like:

  • Distance in metres at which objects will be positioned from the mirror
  • What amount of clarity you want for reflected objects
  • Do you need to recognise objects or people in finer detail or just need to figure out movements?

Remember, a larger mirror can reflect larger images. A round convex mirror will reflect finest image resolution. If you want to view objects in greater detail then a circular convex mirror will be a better fit. Full domes provide the best view, followed by half domes and then quarter domes.

Maximum Recommended Viewing Distance (MVD) Guide for Round Convex Mirror:

Mirror Size (mm) MVD (metres)
300 3
400 5
500 7
600 11
800 20
900 25

Where Should You Mount Your Safety Convex Mirror?

Not every convex mirror comes with the same mounting options. If you know the exact location where you need to mount your convex mirror, it will be easier to make a choice.

Round convex mirrors comes with abundant mounting choices. They can be installed either horizontally or vertically on any surfaces such as posts, poles, walls, building’s sides, store fixtures, etc. You can even install convex mirrors in a corner of two intersecting walls.

A full dome mirror can be mounted to beams, ceiling, walls, rafters, etc. A half dome mirror can be hung upside down from a ceiling or mounted to a flat surface and a quarter dome mirror can be mounted to a ceiling on the inside corner of a wall.

How High Should You Mount Your Security Convex Mirrors?

#1 For Outdoor Applications

Convex mirrors can be mounted on a pole, rack or wall of any exterior building. By using a telescoping bracket mounting system, you will be able to position your convex mirror in a way that allows the best possible viewing angle.

In most cases, the recommended mounting height for security mirrors is 2-3 metres. If you want them to be lower than this height for more visibility – you need to ensure it doesn’t become an obstruction.

#2 For Indoor Applications

Several warehouse and distribution managers have found that mounting convex mirrors at eye-level offers forklift operators with a more instantaneous warning. As compared to mirrored domes installed 3-5 metres above intersections, larger mirrors that are mounted on a lower level, offer a better warning.

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Call Experts For Installing Your Convex Mirrors

Convex mirrors need to be installed more securely, especially when they are subjected to wind and changing weather conditions. Though 2-3 mounting brackets are enough to ensure they stand strong, even in bad weather.

We would highly recommend our partners at Durasafe – they are our recommended installers for all types of convex mirrors. We can vouch for their extensive knowledge, expertise and skills to handle all types of installation - small or big.

They will review your location and needs and guide you at the best distance, height and angle that you need to mount your convex mirrors for the best view.

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18th Dec 2018 Safety Xpress

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