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Steps to Install Our App-Controlled Automatic Parking Lock

Posted by Safety Xpress on

Our app-controlled automatic parking lock is a great solution to guard your parking spot conveniently. In our last blog, we explained  how it works and why you should buy one.

In this post, we will give you step-by-step instructions to safely install your app-controlled automatic parking lock.

The good news is, there is no rocket science involved here and you won't need an electrician to install this lock.

You can easily install it using 4 x D sized batteries.

However, there are some instructions that you will need to follow. Let's go through them.

Installation Instructions For APARKLOCK

This app-controlled automatic parking lock parking lock can fit perfectly on any flat and dry ground. So, just ensure your parking space is flat and dry before you start the installation.

Here are the steps you need to follow:

1.Pull away the parking lock barrier arm and with help of the supplied keys, unlock the top cover. Once done, take off the top cover.

2.Determine the exact area where you want the parking lock to be installed. Make a mark of the screws' positions on the floor. You can do this according to the mounting holes that are visible on the bottom of the parking lock.

3.After you are done with the markings, remove the parking lock from the installation location.

4.Drill 3 expansion bolt holes on the marked spots. To be precise with the measurements, drill a hole of size 12mm with a depth of 50mm.

5.Place the parking lock in its installation position and further, fix it with the M8 expansion bolts.

6.Next, place the batteries in the receiver.

7.Finally, place the top cover back on the parking lock and lock it with the keys.

About the Battery

1.The APARKLOCK is not suitable for rechargeable batteries.

2.Reversing the battery polarity is not advisable.

3.Heating or disassembling the batteries can sometimes lead to an explosion. Hence, avoid doing so.

Care and Maintenance

Ensure that the parking lock stays clean and dry. Clean the surface of your parking lock regularly for long-lasting performance.

In Case of Trouble Shooting

If you ever face a situation when you are unable to control the lock from your smartphone, you need to:

1.Check and confirm if the lock’s batteries are running low.

2.Check if the batteries are placed correctly. Simply, pull them out and check for '+' and '-' symbols. This will indicate the right way of placing them.

3.If there is an audio response while you press the app control buttons, but still the parking lock is not working, check if the motor drive is making any abnormal sounds. It may be damaged or compromised.

4.In addition to this, if you are still facing any issue, reach out to us. Our team at Safety Xpress will assist you.

With these instructions, you can park your vehicle in your designated parking spot at any time without any hassle.

This Lock Is Not Like Other Parking Locks

This parking lock is not like other parking locks which can be stolen or broken. Our APARKLOCK is strong and durable. It can endure a pressure of up to 2000 kg rolling weight without deformation.

This smart app car lock comes with a curved design and a thicker steel cover.

The lock works via Bluetooth and gets easily connected to a smartphone once within a range of 30 meters. You just need to download the “Sciener” App on your phone and follow the prompts to connect the lock with your phone.

All you need to do is press the first button on your app to raise the no parking barrier up when leaving your parking space. When returning, press the down button from the app to lower the barrier to make your parking spot accessible.

So, Are You Ready to Buy Your APARKLOCK?

Our customers have found it is the best way to safeguard their parking spot from any illegal or unauthorised vehicle.

It saves you from the daily hassle of finding a space for your car.

So, secure your parking spot, exclusively for you 24/7 by getting our smartphone app-controlled automatic parking lock - APARKLOCK.

All you need to do is place your order through our website www.safetyxpress.com.au and we will deliver it to your preferred address.

If you have any queries regarding this car parking lock, feel free to call us on 1300 049 246.


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Danny Twil

Danny Twil

Fantastic service and great products. The staff are very knowledgeable and will always go out of their way to help you out or answer any questions you may have. Excellent company!

Jamie Young

Jamie Young

Great, helpful staff. Very fast service from placing order to receiving goods. Happy with your service.

Durasafe Admin

Ryan Brown

Safety Xpress has a great range of quality car park and safety products available. Their staff are friendly and happy to assist us with any questions. All products are always in stock and ready for us to pickup as soon as our projects begin. They even deliver straight to site if required!

Chris Shearer

Chris Shearer

Safety Xpress have great prices and high quality products. They are very friendly and are more then happy to go out of their way to help out. Wouldn't shop anywhere else

Brad Reily

Brad Reily

Quit service and great quality products.. I couldn't recommend the team at Safetyxpress more, check them out.!

oliver wagner

oliver wagner

Buying goods and materials from SaeftyXpress over two years now, good quality, very competitive prices and last not least friendly staff always be available when they are needed most.

James Dolman

James Dolman

I love this place!!

Ray Siegersma

Ray Siegersma

Safety Xpress has a huge range of bollards in stock, same day delivery and very cheap!

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