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How Much Does Stair Nosing Cost?

Posted by Safety Xpress on

Cost of Stair Nosings

During a new construction or the renovation of a commercial building, we often get a common question about the estimated costs of stair nosings.

Stair nosings are a must for all commercial settings. But often stair nosings are ignored or not given enough importance. Most construction projects include stair nosings under floor accessories and hence the budget for stair nosings is restricted.

An important point to note is - stair nosings might be an accessory but they add safety more than design to any staircase. They protect the edges of stairs and increase the stability of the surface of stairs by giving them a stable edge to step onto.They are also a great addition for low-light areas and for people who have visual impairments.

Now coming back to the question- How much does stair nosings cost?

The short answer is – it depends.

There is a relative pricing for stair nosings in the market and the main defining factor is the quality of these stair nosings. The low-quality stair nosings are available for a throwaway price while the high-quality ones are reasonably priced.

The cost of stair nosings in Australia can range from less than $5.00 per lineal metre to over $60.00 per lineal metre depending on where you are buying them from.

Apart from quality, other factors like material and design of stair nosings also define the final pricing. So, if you have a commercial project, it is a good idea to address the following factors before keeping a budget aside for stair nosings. Let’s take a look:

1. The Shape of the Stairs Will Add to the Cost

It is important to consider the shape of stairs before buying or installing stair nosings onto them. Asking these questions can help you determine the same:

  • Is the staircase straight or curved?
  • Does it form a right angle?
  • Does it tilt backward?
  • How thick should your stair nosings be?
  • Answering these questions will narrow down the stair nosing options and simultaneously, you will get an idea about the price estimation as well.

    2. Different Materials Will Cost Different Amounts

    Once you have selected the right profile, you can decide on the material of your stair nosings. A premium supplier like us will offer all kinds of stair nosings in different materials, but everything will be of high-quality.

    We have a wide range of stair nosings, including fibreglass reinforced plastic, aluminium with rubber inserts, aluminium with carborundum inserts and corrugated aluminium. But not one size fits all. Therefore, the pricing also varies with the material.

    For instance, the starting price for flat aluminium stair tread is $26.40; the corrugated natural aluminium is $29.70, the super anti-slip aluminium with carborundum inserts is $37.95 and fibreglass reinforced plastic stair nosing is around $42.90. All these prices are for 1 lineal metre, which can be further customised to the required length.

    3. Specialty Inserts and Trims Will Further Increase the Cost

    If you have some specifications like inserts or trimming to add colour and grip, it will increase the cost of your stair nosings.

    Generally, these additional features are considered for commercial and public places where you want to increase the visibility and grip of stairs that may otherwise become wet or dirty. You can consider installing anti-slip stair nosings for long-lasting and best results. Read our guide about installation and maintenance tips for stair nosing.

    How To Get The Best Deal On Stair Nosings?

    Today, there is a cheaper alternative available for every product. Thus, you will find a stair nosing for every budget. But, it is wise not to compromise on quality and safety. To help you better understand, we have created this guide “ Which Stair Nosing Should I Choose?

    To get the best deal on stair nosings, you can list your preferences based on size, shape, material, colour or any other specifications.

    Once you have your preferences listed, find the best stair nosings which suit your needs. Here are a few things to validate the quality of stair nosings:

    • Buy from a renowned supplier
    • Ensure they will cut the length of the stair nosing to suit the exact size of your stairs
    • Get peace of mind with a transparent and clear return/ exchange policy
    • The supplier should have good reviews
    • There should be a warranty provision in place

    We, at Safety Xpress, offer all the above-mentioned points. We are a leading supplier of stair nosings in Australia and we only deal with quality stair nosings.

    We can deliver tough and durable stair nosings anywhere in Australia. We will cut the length of the stair nosing to suit the exact size of your stairs.

    We have all types of stair nosings at the most competitive prices. Explore our wide range of stair nosings on our website and place an order directly through the website. You can also call us on 1300 049 246 if you need any further details. 

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