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Installation and Maintenance Tips for Stair Nosing

Posted by Safety Xpress on

Our workplaces are becoming safer as we are proactively installing and using more safety products. Be it the storefront, driveway, entrance, or stairs- there is a safety product for every environment.

One such popular and commonly used safety product is stair nosing. It is a slip-resistant product which is installed on the front edge of steps. It increases the stability of the surface of stairs by giving them a stable edge to step onto.

Benefits of Stair Nosing

  • Increases the lifespan of the stairs
  • Enhances visual appeal
  • Adds structural integrity
  • Provides additional safety
  • Renders improved visibility

Installing the anti-slip stair nosing is very easy. But like every product, it also needs proper care and maintenance. For a long life and best results, it is advisable to follow a few simple tips while installing stair nosing.

Installation Tips For Stair Nosing

Here are few things to consider while installing stair nosing:

1. Follow Building Code

It is important to research the code requirements for your specific application. You should follow the building code in terms of deciding on the length of the stair nosing. In addition, do not overextend the depth of the nose or face against the stated limit. Remember you must adhere to the building code, so check the details before ordering your stair nosing in Melbourne. Though you can install them yourself, if you are not sure- ask for a professional to help you with installation.

2. Ensure You Get A Good Fit

Generally, the aluminium stair nosing comes in long strips. So, it is required that you cut them as per the length of your stairs. It should fit perfectly to each step. Stair nosing increases the safety aspects of your stairs and installing ill-fitting stair nosing can create a safety hazard that you don’t need. We offer different types of stair nosings on our website. You can order them and we will cut them to suit the exact size of your stairs. Our stair nosing is cut with precision so that no extra treatment is required before it is installed.

3. Clean The Area Before Installing

Stair nosings are easy to install. You need to just glue down easily onto a variety of surfaces or use the countersunk drill holes to fix to your surface. But before installing the stair nosing, check the cleanliness of your stairs. For instance, if you are planning to install it in any commercial premises with heavy foot traffic, there are good chances of dirt or even cracks on the stairs. In that case, the nosing strip may not fit properly. So, make sure to clean the steps thoroughly as well as repair the cracks before installing stair nosings.

4. Use the Right Shape

The nosing should match the profile of your stairs as best as it can. Generally, the L-shaped aluminium nosing will fit most standard steps as they will create a perfect 90-degree angle. If your steps have a curved face it is recommended that you install flat aluminium nosing which sits flat on the stair edge and doesn’t bend over the edge. This will provide non-slip properties, longevity on the stair edge and a streamlined look. Hence, before installation, you need to be aware that you need to choose the appropriate stair nosing according to your stair shape. To help you better, we have created this guide “ Which Stair Nosing Should I Choose?

5. Ensure Tight Fitting

Stair nosing will serve the purpose only if they are fitted properly. The nosing strip must sit properly on the stair in a way that does not leave any space or gap in between the strip and the stair. For a better fit and look, you can also choose the depth and length of a stair nosing according to your stairs. Again, refer to our guide to choosing the right stair nosing. If you are not sure, ask us for further help. We will guide you on how to get a perfect fitting for your stair nosing.

Maintenance Tips For Stair Nosing

Our stair nosing is very versatile and can be installed with glue or fixed in place using screws onto a variety of substrates including Timber, Concrete, Bitumen, Tiles, Vinyl, Rubber and Carpet. Once you install the stair nosings, you should take care of a few things to increase the life of your stair nosing. Here’s what you can do:

1. Opt for Regular Cleaning

If your stairs do not get heavy foot traffic, it is recommended that you clean the stair nosings on a weekly basis. But, if it is a commercial building and gets heavy foot traffic, it is better to clean them more often to ensure there is no dirt or grease build up. You can clean the inserts with a mild detergent diluted in water and carefully wipe the stair nosings with a damp cloth, followed by wiping it dry with a clean cloth.

2. Follow The Manufacturer's Instructions

It is wise to follow the manufacturer's instructions on cleaning and maintenance. Not all materials can be cleaned with a regular cleaning agent. Make sure to use products that are safe for the type of nosing you have installed.

3. Check For Signs of Damage

Regularly check your stairs and stair nosing for signs of wear and damage. Stair nosing can be replaced as wear and tear starts to show, ensuring the safety standards in your environment are kept very high and this way you will save on large repair costs.

Considering these tips will definitely help you prolong the life of your stair nosings. Installing a stair nosing can help you extend the life of your stairs, by reducing the damage and thereby requiring less maintenance.

We, at Safety Xpress, can provide you with different types of stair nosings. We supply tough and durable anti-slip stair nosings anywhere in Australia. Explore our wide range of stair nosing online and place an order directly through the website. We will cut the length of the stair nosing to suit the exact size of your stairs.

Explore our full range of stair nosing here or call us to place your order over the phone. Call us on 1300 049 246.

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