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The Best Ways to Utilise Convex Mirrors

Posted by Safety Xpress on

A convex mirror, also known as a fisheye or a blind spot mirror is a dome or lens-shaped mirror that has the curve outwards.

This reflects light in multiple directions, giving you a very wide range of view. The of convex mirrors is evident typically at blind corners and intersections. Hence, placing the convex mirrors at strategic locations like these can help prevent collisions or crashes.

After all, the more we are able to perceive the danger, the better we can be at avoiding it.

Safety mirrors or convex mirrors are an effective traffic management solution to enhance security measures. When it comes to quality safety mirrors in Australia, Safety Xpress leads the way.

Our range of convex safety mirrors are suitable for various places, like:

  • Parking complexes
  • Factories
  • Offices
  • Entrances and exits of residential or commercial complexes

Are Convex Mirrors Effective in Preventing Collisions?

Yes! Convex mirrors give a broader vision. Blind spots, including intersections and corners, can pose a risk to motorists and pedestrians. The frequency for accidents is higher at such spots as the driver or pedestrian is unable to see what’s coming from the other side. Using convex mirrors at such blind spots can be a huge help.

As their convex shape bulges out, they reflect the peripheral images that instantly allow you to see what’s at the other end.

The convex mirror works best for both, indoor and outdoor applications. They are used in a number of places, especially in public areas like:

  • In parking locations, where there are blind turns and curves
  • In low visibility worksites, where there is a movement of materials and equipment
  • On roads, especially in the low visibility areas including corners and intersections
  • On vehicles to help the drivers easily see their blind spots
  • In stores to prevent break-ins and thefts

Best Uses of Convex Mirrors

A convex mirror is recommended when you have a requirement to view objects in detail at a distance of around 5 to 12 metres. Generally, these mirrors provide vision around 160 to 180 degrees, hence must be placed at an angle that avoids collisions around blind corners and gives the best visibility for the situation.

Made from polycarbonate or acrylic, our convex mirrors come in various types, size and shapes. Our range includes:

  • Convex Mirror Indoor/Outdoor
  • Full Dome Safety Mirror
  • Half Dome Mirror
  • Quarter Dome Mirror

We also have an option for convex mirrors with a security black surround and a visor.

1.Indoor Convex Mirrors

The  indoor convex mirrors are very effective in areas with blind spot visibility issues. They are specifically meant to be installed indoors or in undercover areas like multi-level car complexes. Staying unaffected by the weather conditions like rain or sunlight, they can provide you with the reflection of the other side of the area that is not visible to you.


Warehouse, shops, stores, mini markets, kiosks and every area that experiences pedestrian and vehicle traffic but is protected from the weather and environmental elements.

Available Sizes

We offer a variety of indoor convex mirrors, ranging from 450mm to 1000mm. They are available with or without a visor at the top.

2.Outdoor Convex Mirrors

Our  outdoor convex mirrors are great for outdoor applications and are weather-proof. You can use these outdoor mirrors to increase the security and surveillance around buildings, factories or warehouses and to also increase visibility and reduce the likelihood of accidents around this area.

Utilising them within the warehouse can help employees know what's approaching, like a forklift or even a truck.


Checkpoints, garages, parking facilities, driveways, factories and warehouses.

Available Size

We offer a variety of outdoor convex mirrors, ranging from 450mm to 1000mm. They come with an orange visor on top to reduce sun glare and protect the mirror’s surface from inclement weather, dust and the effects of interference by animals.

3.Full Dome Safety Mirrors

The  full dome safety mirrors made from acrylic prove to be the best when placed in factories. A factory is a place where there is a heavy flow of pedestrian as well as vehicle traffic. Installing these mirrors at an intersection or at a blind corner can help prevent collisions as they provide a full 360-degree view of the approaching traffic.

Additionally, you can also use our dome safety mirrors to prevent theft and damage in retail environments.


Shops, offices, warehouses, factories, hospitals, driveways and undercover car park facilities.

Available Size

We offer full dome safety mirrors in two sizes – 700mm and 800mm.

4.Quarter and Half Dome Convex Mirrors

Ideal for those tight spaces in the workplace, our Quarter and  Half Dome Mirrors will provide maximum viewing without taking up a lot of space. Also used as a security measures in retail environments.

Our Quarter Dome gives approximately 6 metres of visibility made from acrylic. Our Half Dome Mirror is made from acrylic and will provide 180 degree viewing over approximately 8 metres, ideal for high traffic areas in the workplace.

Benefits of Our Safety Mirrors

  • Our safety mirrors can withstand any weather conditions without warping.
  • Our safety mirrors are tough, versatile, flexible and shatter-proof.
  • The safety film on our convex mirrors will resist scratching and condensation.
  • Our range of safety mirrors is largely maintenance-free.
  • You can easily mount them anywhere you want.
  • The application of convex mirrors will reduce collisions as well as theft.


All of our convex mirrors are supplied with a free post mount bracket so that they can be installed easily onto any standard post. If you need to install your convex mirror onto a wall, we can supply a wall mount bracket for a small additional cost.

Our website also has downloadable installation guides available to make your job even easier.

Secure Your Workplace with Safety Mirrors

Being the easiest and most affordable solution to increase security, you should definitely consider installing convex mirrors on your premises.

You can browse our whole range of convex mirrors here. We have included the range of approximate visibility with each mirror so that it makes it easier for you to decide which one will suit your needs best. The best part is, we are running a huge discount on our already low-priced convex mirrors. If you order now you will get a 25% off on your convex mirror order for the entire month of August.

If you have any queries or are in need of more information about convex mirrors, you can call us on 1300 049 246.

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