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Work Place Safety


Workplace Safety Equipment

When it comes to workplace safety equipment, Safety Xpress has everything you need. We supply a huge range of safety signage, health and safety gear, protective equipment, first aid kits, safety workwear, and more. 

All products are designed to meet or exceed all Australian Standards and workplace health and safety guidelines.

First Aid

Make sure you have fully stocked and workplace-appropriate first aid kits ready to go in case of an emergency.

We supply a wide range of first aid kits including kits for vehicles, trauma response, truck and plant operators, plumbers and gasfitters, burn treatment, snake and spider bites and more. We also supply workplace defibrillators, eye wash kits, bleed kits, drug testing testing kits, first aid signage and kit refills.

We also have complete First Aid Rooms available. Whether you need a complete fit out for a new first aid room, or you need to replenish items for an existing room, Safety Xpress is here to help. Contact us for a personalised quote tailored to your requirements. We can ensure that you get what you need and that compliance standards are met.

Eye Wash & Emergency Shower Stations

Eye wash and emergency shower stations are essential for workplaces where contaminants and irritants are commonly used. This includes medical labs, chemical manufacturing, and petrochemical plants. They are vital first response units when exposure to hazardous substances occurs.

We supply our own branded Hazard Shield eyewash and shower stations. Designed in Australia for Australian operating conditions, they are fully compliant with all relevant Australian Standards.

Our Hazard Shield range includes pedestal and wall-mounted eyewash stations and free-standing combination eyewash / emergency shower stations. Easy to install and easy to use, they are top of the line when it comes to workplace safety.  

Workplace Safety Signage

All the workplace safety signage you could ever need. Our range includes first aid and defibrillator signs, emergency shower and eyewash signage, forklift and no entry signs, COVID safety signs, out of service, fire extinguisher and fire safety signage, spill kit signs, speed limits and more.  

COVID Safe Equipment

Safety Xpress has everything you need to keep your workplace COVID safe. Our range includes masks, hygiene screens, signage, social distancing guides, hand wash stations, alcohol cleaning wipes, hand sanitiser and more.


We offer a selection of curved safety and security mirrors ideal for car parks, store security applications and more. Our range includes indoor and outdoor convex mirrors, dome mirrors (quarter, half and full), as well as mounting brackets and everything else you will need for installation.

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