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Speed Humps: An Effective Traffic Management Tool

Posted by Safety Xpress on

Speed Humps

In cities and suburbs, traffic flow peaks during morning hours when people drive to work and during the evenings when people return home. Sometimes the traffic is so busy that monitoring of speed becomes challenging. Therefore, there is a need for traffic calming tools. There are many tools like traffic signals, bollards, raised pedestrian crossings, pavement markings and speed humps that are effective for traffic management.

Speed humps are one of the basic and most effective traffic calming tools. So, what are speed humps, how do they work and what role do they play in controlling the traffic?

What are Speed Humps?

A speed hump is a vertical obstacle on the road, designed to slow down speeding vehicles. Speed is a primary factor for many accidents. High speed can ultimately result in a collision causing damage to people and property.

Speed limits displayed on road signs can be ignored or missed. So, speed humps act as a more effective solution to control speed and manage traffic. Speed humps can be made of rubber, polyurethane or metal and you can often spot them on roads where vehicles need to have a controlled speed limit.

Places Where Speed Humps Can Be Used:

1.Near playgrounds

2.School zones

3.Near retail stores

4.Near pedestrian walkways

5.Areas prone to slippery surfaces

6.Tight Driveways

7.Blind spots

Speed Humps and Pedestrian Safety

One of the greatest benefits of installing speed humps is the increased safety for pedestrians. Many major accidents occur due to vehicles exceeding the set speed limits. The Installation of speed humps helps to ensure that drivers abide by the speed limits.

Speed Humps - An Effective Traffic Calming Tool

Installing speed humps are effective and have great benefits in terms of traffic calming. One of the greatest strengths of the speed humps is that no matter how accustomed the drivers become to their presence, these humps will have the same impact on them. They are self-enforcing and need no manual control.

Speed Humps

The speed humps are marked with reflective areas for heightened visibility and are available in contrasting colours. They must be installed at places where they are clearly visible to drivers. Doing so will contribute to reducing the ratio of accidents that occur due to speeding traffic.

Speed humps are definitely effective and provide a lot of benefits, like:

1. Self-enforcing - They are effective even if no one is physically supervising and need no specialised operation.

2. Reduces speed - When designed and installed properly, speed humps prove to be an effective measure to limit the speed of the vehicles.

3. Long-lasting - If you buy a good quality speed hump and install it according to the instructions provided, they will stay in the same position for a long time.

4. Flexible - Speed humps are removable, so they can be removed or relocated if the traffic conditions for a particular area change.

5. Effective for residential areas - Speed humps provide better safety for residents as it ensures slower driving and regulated traffic flow.

6. Organised traffic - Speed humps reduce speed and thereby, helps in attaining a properly managed and organised traffic flow in a variety of applications.

7. Safer pedestrian walkways - The organised traffic will automatically increase the safety for pedestrians, as the risk associated with speeding vehicles is decreased.

8. Minimise collisions - Speed humps have proven to be a great way to reduce collisions on roads. Regardless of whatever else is happening around the driver, they have to control their speed as soon as they see a speed hump. Therefore, it reduces the risk of accidents due to speeding.

Wrapping it up…

Speed humps are definitely an effective traffic calming tool and a great investment to make your workplace and surroundings safer. You can consider installing speed humps near your store, driveways, or pedestrian zone to slow down traffic and avoid the risk of collisions.

Safety Xpress is the most renowned name for speed humps in Australia. You can check out our online store to view our  full range of speed humps. We offer good-quality and Australian Compliant speed humps in different dimensions. You will get the appropriate fixings for the speed humps with your order. The installation instructions are available to download from our website.

We alshave speed hump signs and speed restriction signs available for purchase. So, place your order for our speed humps and manage your traffic better.

For more information or for the answers to any of your questions about speed humps, call us on 1300 049 246.

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