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How To Make Stairs Safer By Installing Stair Nosing

Posted by Safety Xpress on

Stairs are everywhere, at homes, offices, schools, hospitals, commercial places, retail stores, and even warehouses. Stairs are also one area that pose a hazard for slips and trips.

Therefore, many workplaces conduct a safety checklist to avoid trips, falls or slips. When it comes to safety, one of the best things you can do is ensure your stairs are free from any kind of trip hazards.

Staircases should:

  • Offer enough surface to step on
  • Be made slip-proof
  • Have proper visibility and lighting
  • Not be worn out
  • Provide a safe access to exit points available

How To Make Stairs Safer?

To make staircases safer, consider installing Stair Nosings on them. Also known as stair edging, the anti-slip stair nosing is a product that covers the stair edges and also highlights them. This, in turn, offers enhanced visibility for low light conditions or people with visual impairments.

Apart from the safety aspect, stair nosings also enhance the durability of the stair tread by eliminating excess wear and tear, especially in the areas of heavy foot traffic.

Stair nosing works great for both indoor and outdoor environments. Whether it is a commercial or a residential property, installing stair nosings is a great solution to avoid trip hazards.

Application and Types of Stair Nosing

Stair Nosings are highly recommended for areas that get heavy foot traffic. Hence, you will find stair nosings in all commercial places, educational facilities, hospitals, stadiums, movie theatres and other public places. With new residential constructions, people are also installing stair nosings inside their homes.

There are different types of stair nosings:

  • Fibreglass Reinforced Plastic
  • Aluminium with Rubber Inserts
  • Aluminium with Carborundum Inserts
  • Corrugated Aluminium

Stair Nosing Comes In A Variety Of Colours

The black stair nosing is recommended for general outdoor and indoor environments that observe low to medium foot traffic. Yellow stair nosing highlights the stair edges easily, hence it is recommended for areas that need an enhanced visibility. Aluminium coloured stair nosing suits a variety of office environments and with inserts available in black, yellow, red or grey it is adaptable to numerous types of stairs and substrates.

Thus, it is essential to identify your requirements to determine which type of stair nosing will serve your purpose best.

Benefits of Installing Stair Nosings

1.Improved Safety

Stair nosing creates a safety net against trips and falls. By creating a stable, flat surface which can be relied upon in any weather, safety is improved across all conditions. This, ultimately, helps to reduce and avoid slips and trips as it provides you with the comfort to step up or down easily.

2.Improved Visibility

Often people get seriously injured due to missing a step or misjudging its width. A stair nosing can help avoid such incidents. Stair nosings highlight the step and define where the step ends. The anti-slip stair nosing is particularly beneficial for those who have weaker eyesight and also when the stairs are in poor lighting.

3.Enhanced Visual Appeal

In addition to improved safety and visibility, the stair nosings also provide enhanced visual appeal to your property. If your stairs are a bit old and the edges are uneven or worn out - consider installing stair nosings on the stairs. It will improve the look of the stairs and will give a flawless finish. This, in turn, can give a clean symmetrical look to the whole staircase.

4.Reduce Maintenance

A stair nosing protects the stairs from breaking or getting damaged in general. The edges of your stairs are highly exposed to a significant amount of force. Installing a stair nosing can help you extend the life of your stairs, by reducing the damage and thereby requiring less maintenance.

Stair nosings are easily available online. You will find the best-quality stair nosing of all types and sizes on our website. For a better fit and look, you can also choose the depth and length of a stair nosing according to your stairs.

Achieve a refined look and finish to your set of stairs with these stair nosings, applicable for indoor and outdoor environments. We, at Safety Xpress, can provide you with different types of stair nosings. You can order them and we will cut to suit the exact size of your stairs. They are easy to install as well, just glue down easily onto a variety of surfaces or use the countersunk drill holes to fix to your surface.

Explore our full range of stair nosing here or call us to place your order over the phone. Call us on 1300 049 246.

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