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Safety Xpress is a leading supplier of quality safety products in Australia. We offer a wide range of safety products and specialise in bollards. Our bollards available on the Gold Coast are one of the most recommended products.We offer all kinds of bollards, including Removable Bollards and Parking Bollards.

Are You Looking For Bollards?

If you have the need, we have a bollard for you. We are the specialist in bollards on the Gold Coast.

Bollards are one of the most practical and cost-effective ways to add safety to your workplace. Bollards can be highly useful for places with a high frequency of pedestrians and vehicles.

If your workplace, store or warehouse has restricted areas or high traffic, you should install bollards.They act as a silent security guard and help restrict access to private areas.

Bollards On The Gold Coast

  • Enhance the safety of your workplace
  • Control site access
  • Increase pedestrian safety
  • Manage traffic flow
  • Increase aesthetic value
  • Manage overall traffic management system

What Type of Bollards Do We Offer?

  • Surface Mount Bollards
  • In-Ground Bollards
  • Removable Bollards
  • Parking Protection Bollards
  • Flexible Bollards
  • Bollard Protector Covers
  • Bollard Storage

Safety Solutions for Every Need

Want more security for your parking complex or want to control access to certain places? You can do it with our quality bollards on the Gold Coast. It is a great way to increase safety in your facility.

You can talk to our expert team before placing your order. We can analyse your requirements and suggest the right bollard for you.

GetThe Best Bollards On The Gold Coast

You can spot ourclassy bollards in car parks, shopping centres and at the front of corporate buildings.Our bollards comply with Australian Standards and meet architectural needs. Here are a few features of our bollards on the Gold Coast:

  • Protective - Create a safety net and protect your assets. Our bollards can offer safety from ram raids and even from high or low-impact collisions.
  • Restrictive - Our bollards will enable you to manage the flow of traffic as well as pedestrians.
  • Flexible -Our bollards can be used in various environments and industries. You can use them in car parks, storefronts, residential areas, shopping centres etc.
  • Attractive - They look classy and come in a variety of colours. You can even customise your bollard and add your branding to our Billboard Bollard.

Safety Xpress- One Stop Shop For Quality Bollards On The Gold Coast

Our quality bollards on the Gold Coast area vailable at competitive rates. They are an affordable and reliable safety product that you must have in your workplace.

Our heavy-duty security bollards can be used for a variety of applications. They can be a great safety solution for:

  • Shopping Centres
  • Parking Complexes
  • Near Schools & Parks
  • Factories and Warehouses
  • Airports
  • Bus/ Tram/ Train Stops
  • Events
  • High-Volume Traffic Zones

You can buy bollards on the Gold Coast online from our user-friendly website. We have a simple order process and we offer a same day dispatch facility for bollards.

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We believe in making your job simpler and that’s why we have made our website so seamless. The most convenient way to buy bollards from us is through our website. Just browse and select the right bollards for your application.

If you have any query or need assistance in choosing the right bollards, feel free to call us on 1300 049 246.